While I’m busily working away at a big new project (which you’ll only get sneaky peeks of on this blog…), I figured I’d feature a few of my current favourite photographs from the deviantArt community. You can visit the artists’ pages by clicking on the photos below. Do go and check out the artist’s work if you like it and, even better, TELL them you do. Feedback is so important, it encourages artists to keep going. So, here we go:

"I've got a lot to say" by PabloMoranJr

"Perfect Time of Day" by E.J

"AnUnpleasantSenseOfHeaviness" by Violator3

"Lady A" by Alina Soloviova

"Glamour" by DoinaAurelia

"Zebra Lala" by Alyz

"Sherlock Holmes" by Olfa

"Remember Me" by devllaa

"Sight for sore eyes" by Sepukas

"NOTEme" by QuiddityBoom

"Bless" by ttearz

To see the rest of my deviantArt favourites, go here:

To see my deviantArt page, go here:

Remember, if you like their work, go give it some love! Another inspirations blog coming once I’ve done a tad more art exploring.



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