Celia’s Vintage


On Tuesday 12th October I drove over to Nottingham (and fell foul of the sat-nav’s complete lack of love for one-way systems) for a collaboration with the very lovely Samantha Barker (creative stylist). We were going to be shooting a few outfits for “Celia’s Vintage(66-68 Derby Road, Nottingham) – if I could ever find it. After giving up on driving round in circles I eventually parked up in one of the bizarrely well hidden multi-storey car parks and was rescued from outside Debenhams, thankfully only a short walk away. A short while later and we were in the shop, eyeing up the lighting conditions and the spectacular array of beautiful vintage everythings. Our fabulous model for the day, Rebecca Sampson, was already organised and in the first outfit when we arrived – a gorgeous black dress with silver beading detail and a headpiece of black feathers.



Whilst Rebecca was changing into the next outfit, I took the opportunity to have a nosey around the shop. If you ever get the chance to go, make sure you do! There’s a fantastic array of clothing ranging right the way from the Victorian era to the 1980s, and a whole host of vintage memorabilia to boot. Check out http://celias-nottm.co.uk/shop/ for more information and see below for a taster.



We shot three more outfits following the first, ending on a delightfully quirky 1940s suit. Everything was photographed in the space of one hour and the only light we used was the strip lighting in the shop aided by a reflector. It was a very enjoyable late-morning-early-afternoon, and hopefully we’ll collaborate again soon. See the final three outfits below:



Check out Sam’s website here: http://www.sammybarker.com/

See my website here: http://www.ellylucas.co.uk

And Celia’s Vintage, once again, here: http://celias-nottm.co.uk/shop/


Since the summer weddings I’ve sadly been a bit lacking on the fashion-shooting, so October and November will involve lots of it (hopefully). Watch this space!


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