Back on track, British weather and Italy.


After the summer’s weddings I felt a bit of a fashion drought. Now, however, things are back on track with lots of interesting shoots being booked in over the next few weeks. By then, I’ll also have my own car (freeeeedommmm!) so there will be plenty of merry location scouting. It’s so very nice to feel a spot of creative buzz returing.

Below are the results of my first shoot collaborating with the delightful Sarah-Jane Blackner, an alternative model from Nottingham. She was very pleasant to work with and photographed beautifully. She also allowed me to glue buttons to her face (albeit with skin-safe spirit gum, the initial potential horror is still there). Check out her Facebook fan page here: Black Bubblegum – UK Alt Model






If the British weather hadn’t been so stereotypically gloomy / rainy / overcast / dismal today there would have been two more shoots to show you. Unfortunately it was every bit as stereotypically unpleasant, so there aren’t. More crisp Autumn days please Weather.

On Sunday, myself and David (and David’s brother and his fiance) all went exploring around the tardis of a shop that is Heanor Antiques. It’s become our mecca for curious bits and pieces, costumery and props – and this time I actually had a spot of expendable income to play with too, which made it all the more exciting. The results of a couple of hours in there amounted to the planning of two new shoots with a big bag of new goodies. It would also be an interesting location to shoot in, if it was possible to ever find a day that it wasn’t bustling…

Finally, myself and the 50mm f/1.8 are off to Italy tomorrow for a few days with the band (David Gibb & The Pony Club) and our pals in The Standby Setting as part of a cultural exchange. It’ll be suitably blogged about upon our return – assuming we don’t get stranded by the Air Traffic Control strikes. Either way, there will be photos and a blog eventually.


Have a lovely week,






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