I figured that, since it’s been two months since the last one, it’s time once again for an Inspirations blog. Below are a few of my current favourites from the deviantArt community, and like last time you can visit the artists’ pages by clicking on the photos. Do go and check out the artist’s work if you like it and, even better, TELL them you do. Feedback is so important, never underestimate a spot of encouragement. So, here we go:


"Science" by *Vitrage

"you are the perfect drug" by *Eliara

"miy" by *Eliara

"Of a thousand faces" by *iNeedChemicalX

"Coil III" by ~funkyhorror

"Asche" by *MyWonderlandAsylum

"Shadow" by ~someotherwhere

"4" by *elle-cannelle

"everything that stands" by ~wolkenstein

"short sharp shock" by ~NoirFeu


To see the rest of my deviantArt favourites, go here:

To see my deviantArt page, go here:

Assuming I remember, this will hopefully become a bi-monthly event. Hopefully. So, see you again for Inspirations:3 in two months!



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