News from the bleak midwinter.

It’s that time again. By which I mean I’ve failed to do a blog for a while so I’ve got to play catch-up for a bit. Here we go…

December saw a variety of photoshoots with some lovely new faces. There was lots of snow and chilliness around and consequently a very definite wintery theme in the air. For some silly reason I still decided to do most of the shoots outdoors and, while it looked good, I was relieved to be the one behind the camera with an enormous coat on. Lots of sitting in the car with the heating on full blast tended to follow. Nevertheless, everyone I worked with did marvellously and you can see a sample or two below:

(from newest to oldest)

Heather Forknell 21/12/10

Heather Forknell 21/12/10

Sophie Beer 21/12/10

Sophie Beer 21/12/10

Hannah Ditchfield 20/12/10

Hannah Ditchfield 20/12/10

Holly Brearley 15/12/10

Margaux Leullier 13/12/10

Keira Clark 9/12/10


Alongside all the photoshooting, myself and David also recorded the new EP mentioned in my previous blog. For those of you feeling somewhat in the dark, it’s called “Three Children Sliding On The Ice” (after an old children’s rhyme) and will be out early in the new year. The big news for this blog is that you can now listen to three of the tracks on MySpace. Check them out here:

After all that it was suddenly Christmas. There were 20 of us in my house for two meals on Christmas day and then again on Boxing Day – this was all very pleasant, but I was quite ready to faceplant my pillow by the end of it. We also somehow managed to squeeze almost everyone into our little lounge to watch the Doctor Who special (yes, we were actually all that excited). After Christmas mk1 we had Christmas mk2 at David’s house which was lovely, even with the lurgy. We ate gingerbread (courtesy of my Aunt), opened more presents and watched last year’s Doctor Who special. Definitely a bit of a theme developing there…

My website has morphed once again, this time into something that should technically display perfectly no matter what screen it’s on, be it iPhone, iPad or any size of PC / Mac screen… It’s been made using a neat little site called 4ormat, and I would thoroughly recommend it to any creatives needing a portfolio: Parts of mine are still a tad under construction, but I’ll spam a link out as soon as it’s all finished and beautiful.


That’s about it for now, however, the 2010 round-up blog is on it’s way! Watch this space.

Have a lovely evening everyone and Happy New Year,


Elly x



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