It’s been much too long since my last oggle-blog, so here’s my current favourites from the delights of deviantArt. As always you can visit the artists’ pages by clicking on the photos – and again as always, I implore you to check out the artist’s work if you like it and, even better, TELL them you do.

"Sunny Mood" by ~tuziaczek

"Milo" by ~caught-cartooning

"forgotten times" by =andrea-h

"the years II." by ~patriciaannrecourt

"85134" by *aleksandra88

"what we will never know." by ~HarlequinFever

"Jennifer II" by ~ZzaniazZ

"351" by ~sirbion

"Ukushu I" by ~lestouis

To see the rest of my deviantArt favourites, go here:

To see my deviantArt page, go here:

There’ll be a proper blog update soon with photos and anecdotes and allsorts. Watch this space…



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