It’s that time again, the bi-monthly oggle-blog! Below are the latest beauties found on deviantArt. If you like the work, cilck on the image to get to the artist’s page and show them some love. Enjoy!


"Fashion" by *mmonart


"leah" by ~payleyjean


"Rose Tree" by *sugarfixstudio


"Graced" by *LadyOfVelvet


"Sara V" by ~lestouis


"019" by ~Paool


"Overgrown" by ~Vinyl-Disco


"Carita" by ~meriirem


":like Eva:" by ~Avine


"L'Ecume des jours - Chloe" by ~SuzyTheButcher


"Underneath" by *fhrankee


"Gaia II" by ~acidmcp


Hopefully that’ll keep your visual tastebuds happy until the next installment. In the meantime, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, you can see the full extent of my deviantArt love (a.k.a my Favourites gallery) here:


Major general update coming soon! Including David Gibb & The Pony Club AND Lucy Ward’s new albums, weddings number 1 & 2 and more. See you there.


E x


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