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Powder paint, confetti, chaos and Cupola:Ward


So, today I’ve been photographing the lovely Cupola in their various forms – Cupola, Dance Cupola and Cupola:Ward.

In the morning we spent a pleasant hour or so at Allestree Park making use of a painted backdrop and the furrows in the field, and in the afternoon for the Cupola:Ward shoot (Cupola featuring the delightful Lucy Ward), the world exploded. There were buttons and feathers, party poppers, streamers, both powder paint AND finger paint, confetti, comedy wigs and colour everywhere (in a good way, a very good way).

Photographically we went for a blow-by-blow effect, I fell about giggling several times and thanked goodness I’d put a filter over the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 while the powder paint was flying. The lighting was provided by a single (enormous) reflector, expertly wielded by one of my two fabulous assistants for the day, the other doing excellent work throwing confetti and sparkly things around.

Now, without further ado, here are the results. Enjoy, I know we did 🙂


See? I really wasn’t kidding about the (glorious) mess. Thank you to Lucy, Sarah, Doug and Oli for being such good fun to photograph, and to Rob & Della for being such wonderful assistants. Look out for the slightly more demure shots (including wintery jumpers and paper snowflakes and silver ribbon) in the next blog or two!

The big September -> October catch up is on its merry way, so until then: have a lovely weekend everyone!

Elly x


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