A day on the moors.

It’s the first blog of 2012! And have I got some lovely things to show you.

On Tuesday I met up with the delightful Cat Lane, a Bedford based photographer who does absolutely beautiful things with prime lenses (and anything else she can lay her hands on). Being photographers, we don’t get to spend much time in front of the camera unless it’s on a tripod with a remote control attached, therefore it was really good opportunity to take it in turns to be the model for the session. I strongly believe that if you’re a portrait photographer it’s important for you to occasionally step the other side of the lens, experience from both sides is invaluable for allowing you to better empathise with your clients.

plus it’s just good fun to tart yourself up every now and again and pretend to be a rockstar. But mainly the empathy thing.

Our choice of location for the day was one of my old childhood haunts: Stanton Moor, near Birchover in Derbyshire. I used to go bilberry picking there every summer with my family, so it was lovely to pay it a return visit! It’s an amazingly diverse location boasting wild open moorland, a small quarry with an array of different coloured rocks and slabs, woodland, a stone circle, corkstone and more – so we had plenty of backdrop choices to experiment with.

Around midday we carted our big bags of clothing and camera gear from the car up to our first location on the moor. The weather was just ever so slightly overcast, which meant perfect lighting conditions! I ended up being first in front of the lens in a summer dress & bare feet (brrr!) It was really interesting to actually see things from the other side, and how Cat worked while she was taking the photos – I really admire the care she took over each shot.

We both tried several different outfits (hopefully without startling any unsuspecting hikers…) and locations throughout the day, and I came home feeling massively inspired, which was just lovely. I’m now itching to head back into the Peak District for a bit more location scouting and shooting!

Now, without further ado, here’s my photos from our little trip:

Check out Cat’s work on Facebook here or her website here.

That’ll be all for now, this year I’ll attempt to blog after each shoot rather than attempt to cram in everything once a month! Fingers crossed and all that.

Love x


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