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A trip up North, the Open Road and Lucy Ward.

Since the year’s first location shoot / photo day with the very lovely Cat Lane I’ve been shooting and editing like there’s no tomorrow. This is wonderful, but the Wii Fit was very stern with me when I last deigned to check in.

On January 14th I made a return visit to the wonderful Celia’s Vintage in Nottingham for another shoot with ludicrously talented stylist, Samantha Barker, and model Rebecca Sampson, who looks amazing in anything that gets thrown at her. I was particularly pleased with myself for actually managing to navigate Nottingham’s terrifying one-way systems and park up outside. This was a relief, as I didn’t really want to lug a dirty great continuous light through the city centre.

The shop had moved to a new premises, just a few doors down from its previous residence. This brought the pleasant surprise of having a brilliant bit of space down in the basement avec white brick wall with arched inset. Hello built in backdrop! With Sam’s speedy styling we somehow managed to cram 5 outfits into the two hours the parking meter allowed us and had an all round lovely time. Here’s a cheeky little peek of outfit number two:

On Tuesday 17th, after scraping the frost off my car, I headed up north to Calverley (Leeds-ish) to a gorgeous gorgeous old cottage to photograph the magnificent Megson. It was a lovely day. Stu & Debs posed beautifully, the location was perfect and I even had a small canine assistant by the name of Moog for a few shots. The shots Moog wasn’t assisting on he was trying to sneak into, with varying degrees of success… Here’s a little peek-ette:

Do give them a listen, they’re really very good!

Factoid 1: Myself and David Gibb, as David Gibb & Elly Lucas, were lucky enough to support Megson at the Red Lion Folk Club in Birmingham last year!

Convenient linking Factoid 2: Stu Hanna also happens to be the clever chap who produced the fabulous Lucy Ward‘s debut album (which I did the photos for) AND her latest single, which happens to have just come out today! I might have also done the artwork for that too. It’s called “For The Dead Men” and it’s an absolute stunner, and you can buy it for just 69p off Amazon! I highly recommend you give it a listen, it’ll enrich your soul. Here’s the front cover, shot back in December with hair & make-up by the wonderful Rebecca Yeates:

And last but not least, I had a super morning photographing the lovely ladies and gents of Rosie Meek & The Open Road. Unfortunately the weather was against us which resulted in a last minute move indoors, but this did mean we had tea & biscuits & warmth and the artistic vibes that permeate from Banks Mill in Derby:

That’s things about up to date! I’m now off to watch Step Brothers and drink cocoa. Hope you’ve all had a super weekend,

E x

p.s. For some strange reason I decided it would be a good idea yesterday to take some self-portraits outside in summery clothing. As I’m sure you can imagine, seeing as I live in dear old Blighty, this was a foolish move and I froze half to death. However the light was perfect and I’m pleased with the results, which are here:



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