Folk awards, Practical Photography, on the radio and more!

That’s right, it’s the big March catch-up! I’ve decided I should probably set myself some lines, something like “Must get better at blogging. Must get better at blogging…”

Seeing as the last big update occurred in January, here’s a few exciting things that have happened since the start of chilly February:

1) David Gibb & Elly Lucas record a session for Bright Young Folk

In the middle of the snowy madness that was early February, the lovely Shelley & Christopher from Bright Young Folk (a brilliant group of people supporting the youth of the folk scene) braved the weather to come and film a short feature on myself and David. We played a track from our debut album entitled “Uncle Joe” and had a super time nattering away on camera. Hopefully you can’t tell that I’d been knocked flat on my back by an extremely excited canine half an hour previously. If you fancy giving it a watch, you can do so here:

David Gibb & Elly Lucas play Uncle Joe

2) The BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards

On Wednesday the 8th of February myself and David took a little trip up to Salford to excitedly support our friends Lucy Ward, Pilgrims’ Way, Lady Maisery & Will Pound at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. It was a gorgeous evening in a gorgeous venue, and to top it all off Lucy WON the Horizon Award! Absolutely thrilled to bits for her.

At the after party I was lucky enough to meet and chat to the editor of fRoots Mag, who was introduced to me by none other than Jim Moray (thanks Jim!) and was pleasantly surprised that more people had heard of my work than I’d previously thought. Not going to lie, internally this caused me to almost implode with joy.

3) Speaking of Lady Maisery…

The day before the folk awards I ventured up to Sheffield for part a) of a photoshoot with the beautiful Hannah James, Hazel Askew & Rowan Rheingans, who together make up Lady Maisery – a stunning young trio doing amazing things with three part harmony. This first shoot was all done indoors with a backdrop of vertically hung pieces of material. Last week we met up for part b), which involved a trip up to the local woods before a gig in the evening, where we hung more pieces of material from the trees and crossed our fingers that they didn’t blow away! See below for a few little peeks of the final results:

If you haven’t already heard these ladies, do go and give them a listen! You won’t be disappointed.

4) Paige Keeling

I had my first shoot with the utterly gorgeous Paige Keeling, a young model from Nottinghamshire directed to me by Halo Haynes. She was an absolute delight to work with, and I wish her all the very best pursuing a modelling career.

5) State & Ancientry – Hannah James & Sam Sweeney

Over December & January I worked with the outrageously talented Hannah James & Sam Sweeney to produce the photos and artwork for their second duo album, entitled “State & Ancientry“. As with Lady Maisery, if you’ve not heard these two before then do give them a listen! I pottered along to their launch in Sheffield and was absolutely blown away.

6) I officially became old.

Ok, so not really, but I hit the magic 21 and am now officially an official adult. To celebrate this my family re-instated the fabled “birthday walk” for one year only and we headed up into Chatsworth for a lovely hike around the Peaks. It involved bacon butties, moorland, a cake decorated with icing ivy leaves and glorious sunshine. Perfect.


So this was a rather exciting turn up for the books! Having uploaded a few of my images to the community gallery on, the website covering both Digital Photo mag & Practical Photography, I later received an email from the deputy editor saying he liked my work and would like I to be featured in PP. Gosh. I sent off a hi-res selection from my portfolio along with the answers to the Q&A provided and jittered nervously. A couple of days later, whilst shopping with Lucy Ward in Derby, I received another email requesting the use of one of my images on the front cover! I’d love to be really cool about this, but I did basically jump up and down squeaking with excitement in the middle of a shopping centre. The cover girl in question is the delightful Hannah Ditchfield, and included in the main feature are the lovely Heather Forknell, Captin Ron, Georgia Annable, Erin Webster, Lucy Ward and Caitlin Colder. Thanks so much to all the PP staff, you absolutely made my year.

8) BBC Radio Derby interview

Following my feature in Practical Photography, I received a phonecall from the lovely Aleena Naylor at BBC Radio Derby asking if I fancied coming in for a chat about my photos. I’ve been interviewed by Aleena before on musical terms and thoroughly enjoyed it, so it was great to go back in to talk photography!

9) “Old Chairs To Mend” – David Gibb & Elly Lucas

We’re finally into March, and the first key event of the month was the release of our brand new shiny debut duo album! It’s been a good few months in the making, but it’s finally out and about. We’ve been delighted with the reception so far, including a few Radio 2 plays and some encouraging reviews, and have had some cracking gigs this month to promote it. Massive thanks to Sam Lee and the wonderful musicians who joined us during our residency gigs at the Three Compasses in Hackney, and to the staff at Kings Place and all of the folk clubs who so kindly welcomed us in!

You can now purchase our album from all major retailers (Amazon,, HMV etc etc) or from our label’s site here, or you can listen on Spotify!

I put together the album photography & artwork, with much pricking of fingers (it involved rather a lot of sewing…) and muttering, but I’m (thankfully) chuffed with results:

10) Duo video shoot for “Blacksmith”

To accompany our album, mine & David’s dear friend Sam Jordan filmed a beautiful little video for our version of the trad. song “Blacksmith”. It was all filmed on a tiny cobbled street in deepest Belper, and all in the space of a morning! Check out more of Sam’s work here and our video via the link below:

David Gibb & Elly Lucas – Blacksmith

11) Rosie Meek & The Open Road, album artwork

Along with the Gibb & Lucas and Hannah & Sam’s album artwork, I also received a commission from Rosie Meek & The Open Road to design the sleeve artwork for their new recording. In a nice break from my usual work, I was asked to create something more on the traditional art end of the spectrum, so out came the oil pastels for an evening of re-living my forgotten love for drawing. The album (which sounds beautiful!) can be purchased from the band’s online shop here.

12) Heather Forknell

Finally, between rehearsals and workshops this week for the Mills & Chimneys / Sinfonia Viva collaboration, I had a wonderful shoot with old time friend and model of the last five or so years, Heather Forknell. Heather’s been modelling for me almost since I first started up as a photographer, and I’m eternally grateful to her for putting up with all of my strange whims. The light was absolutely perfect for our shoot down by Markeaton Brook, and I’m thrilled to bits with the results. Head on over to my Facebook page or website to see the full set!

…and we’re finally up to date! Current projects include album artwork for Megson’s upcoming release, along with an album shoot for the lovely Haddo. A video log answering the fantastic array of questions you asked will be with you soon too!

Thanks so much everyone for all your support, I couldn’t do it without you.

Elly x


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