Snow White, a wizard and a white rabbit go to the park…

…well, sort of. By Snow White I probably mean the gorgeous Alexa Jay, by wizard I refer to the incredible MUA skills of Flawless By Sangeeta, and the white rabbit in question is most likely the genius Florie of White Rabbit Corsetry. I realise I haven’t quite caught up on the mammoth catch-up blogs as yet, but I figured I should probably start as I mean to continue and attempt to blog each shoot. So, here we go!

This shoot had been a while in the making. Myself and Alexa had been plotting for a fair old time previously but due to this and that unfortunately our artistic endeavours didn’t quite come to fruition. Consequently, when I got a message towards the end of 2012 containing this incredible lead-in: “I currently have an epic corset, veil and skirt being made by White Rabbit Co – it’s all ripped and shredded and covered in pearls and broken jewels, so I’ll look super crazy and mental and bridal” I positively leapt off the computer chair. Seriously, it was impressive. Actual leaping. And rightly so!

After a bout of particularly grim weather in December called off attempt no.1, we finally all managed to meet up on a rather chilly morning at the end of February in the little known photography haven that is Markeaton Park, Derby. When I describe it as a haven, I don’t mean in the summer. In the summer you are likely to fall foul of a bazillion ice-cream wielding sunbathers, BUT in winter – when most people are sensibly, warmly, indoors – it’s perfect for a variety of different backdrops.

I arrived just as Sangeeta was adding the final touches to Alexa’s beautiful hair & make-up. I’d seen little “making of” snaps of the corsetry in question, but the finished item teamed with the veil and train was just stunning. If you’re not familiar with Florie’s work, be sure to check it out! She creates some really quite phenomenal pieces. With the styling finished and extra hands to carry Alexa’s train, we shot as fast as was humanly possible in the decidedly dubious temperatures in two different locations within the park, one avec pillars and bricks and the other with fairytale gates and twisted vines. It looked something like this:

HUGE thanks to the brilliant team, you were all an absolute delight to work with. The next shoot will be warmer, right?

That’s all for now folks, next up will be the results of an even chillier photo day with that clever Ella Ruth Photography. Watch this space!

E x


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