Summer amongst Winter

Every now and again I realise the accuracy of the phrase “suffering for your art”, and how phonetically accurate the shivering sound/word “BRRRRRR” is. I’m almost definitely being particularly drastic for dramatic effect here, but myself and the rather clever Ella Ruth Photography did nearly freeze half to death on our little photographic jaunt to the Sheffield Botanic Gardens yesterday. To give some kind of context to just how chilly it was, we’d had to re-arrange from the day before due to horizontal blizzards. Yup. Consequently, like the super sensible creatives we are, we decided to pretend it was summer and flounce around in fabulous not-at-all warm summer dresses. Obviously. I think we’d both confess to having serious sunshine / colour withdrawal…

Anyhow, we met up at the rather pretty gardens off Clarkehouse Street. I’d never been there before but was so very delighted to see the first signs of Spring foliage just starting to appear. You’ve never seen anyone so overjoyed by the sight of a crocus. We threw costumery around in a public toilet (but not too much, we have standards), some poor bewildered member of the public walked into said toilets to find me grinning from ear to ear whilst wearing a glittery paper crown (thank you, Ella!) and then we sat outside a cafe twirling foam roses into Ella’s hair. So far so good. We proceeded to meander around the park in search of splashes of colour and squeaked with excitement whenever we found anything vaguely resembling blossom, me looking like an excitable hipster princess and Ella like a flower-fairy in walking boots. As luck would have it we found three locations before my hands turned a spectacular shade of purple and our shivering nearly became a motion-blur hazzard. Score!

Now, without further ado, here’s my snaps of Ella doing a sterling job of not looking like she was being subjected to minus temperatures. Well done Ella.


Now I reckon you should check out this preview from Ella’s edits of me. I’m SO VERY EXCITED to see what else she comes up with. Just look at the crown!!

Photo by Ella Ruth Photography

Keep an eye on her Facebook page for more updates. If you’ve not come across her work before and like beautiful, elegant photographs, you’ve got some catching up to do.

Until next time,

E x


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