And lo, there was sunshine!

I sit writing this blog now with a classic British expression of wistful melancholy as the freezing rain falls outside the window and my trusty waterproof hangs, dripping, by the front door. Festival season has officially started and the heavens have, as is traditional, opened. You know you’ve been to a proper music festival when your Doc Martens completely change colour over the course of a few hours.

HOWEVER, this blog is not about dismal rain! This blog is about the FIRST EVER sunny photo day with that clever Ella Ruth Photography! You know, one of those days where you don’t have blue hands by the end of the shoot? Where you don’t have to physically peel your frozen fingers off the camera? Remember them? We spent most of the day in mild shock as we frolicked around in the hills in our summery attire and reminisced back to our last photo day, the one that we’d had to re-arrange due to horizontal blizzards the previous day. All seemed quite surreal as we sat in the shade of the trees while waiting for the light to soften, breaking into a slab of dark chocolate and marvelling at the signs of Springtime appearing all around us. Bliss. It looked a little like this:


Ella Ruth by Elly Lucas

Ella Ruth by Elly Lucas

Ella Ruth by Elly Lucas

Ella Ruth by Elly Lucas

Ella Ruth by Elly Lucas


Ahhh. Lovely. The day ended with us sat in my garden, scrunching the green grass between our toes and basking in the last of the evening light before Hudson the dog trotted over with his favourite football and looked meaningful.


The obligatory photo day Instagram!

Hudson felt left out, I got slobbered.


Having just seen the first of Ella’s snaps of me, I’m SUPER EXCITED to see what else she comes up with! Here I am pulling my very best Vogue face. Oh yes.


Snapped by the wonderful Ella Ruth Photography!


Be sure to keep an eye on Ella’s Facebook page for further photo updates, she does some absolutely incredible things. You can come and say hello to me on Facebook too if you fancy!

That’s all for now folks, I’m back to being curled up in a duvet avec a nice hot cocoa until the sun decides to show its face again. Appearing next on the blog will be the results of my shoot with fantastic designer, Sophie Crocker, and what happened when I popped down to the woods to photograph some prehistoric iron smelting for the day! Let it never be said that I don’t give you variety.

Until then,

E x


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