Getting my blog back on (again). Also: Yay sunshine!

Well hello!

It occurred to me recently, whilst enjoying a particularly fine brew, that the last time I blogged was, in fact, November last year. This is embarassingly awful and I do apologise to those of you who apparently enjoy reading my ramblings (you guys are chuffin’ awesome). SO, I set myself a little challenge to create a mini photo series to get my butt well and truly back into blogging gear and make a promise to myself to actually start properly blogging each shot. Alrighty then. From this point forwards, you all have my express permission to nag me if I appear to have not blogged things for a while. Deal?

Luckily for me, the weather on Monday was CRAZY BEAUTIFUL. Man I love sunshine. Tango the Viola (see below) was less sure about it BUT he did look ever so pretty.


Bloomin’ lovely valley. Bloomin’ lovely viola.

And so, without further ado, here are some summery self-portrait antics! I’ll not lie to you, that hat was significantly too small for my gigantic head. If my housemate’s reaction to watching it sporadically pop off is anything to go by, I’m pretty sure I could film it and make millions marketing it as a temporary cure to the blues. (We’re talking the same exit-vigour as toast jumping out of the toaster. It was ridiculous.)


OH, and as if this wasn’t slapstick enough already, the wind – particularly prolific in this part of the world – had a super time testing whether I’d be more worried about chasing my hat OR retaining my dignity. It was quite the afternoon. Sort of wishing I’d had the Benny Hill music playing through the speakers for the sake of completing the image.



FYI, I wasn’t actually as grumpy as I look. It was really, really bright. Like, green-splodges-upon-returning-indoors bright. Ooft.



Sooo, my new remote shutter release is cack. Here’s the point I gave up trying to hide it. Yep… #posetastic

And that’s all for now, folks! Next up I’ll finally be blogging my latest photo adventure with the awesome Cat Lane, snapped back in March at the beautiful Longshaw Estate in Derbyshire. Watch this space!

Until then,

E x



One thought on “Getting my blog back on (again). Also: Yay sunshine!

  1. Beautiful pics Ella …… You are very talented. Gorgeous colors and amazing poses. I wonder if you work as model at all ….. Will love to work with you 🙂 great job ……

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