Elly and Cat go wild in Derbyshire. Sort of.


Remember this beautiful lady? We went on a mega (chilly) awesome photo adventure around Stanton Moor two years ago and startled dog walkers by wearing summer dresses in midwinter? Yep, it’s Cat Lane! We FINALLY got our act together and organised adventure times part two, this time around the rather stunning Longshaw Estate. My goodness it was lovely. The light was beyond perfect and, as per usual, Cat photographed like a total dream. I’ll not lie, I was a little giddy reviewing the images afterwards. Whew. It was even something resembling a vaguely sensible temperature this time?! HOLY SMOKES, BATMAN!

Right, photos:





8s vII


…I don’t know about you, but I’m ever so slightly bursting to go out exploring again now. Blooming love Derbyshire. #homecountyrepresent

And now, to finish off a lovely photo day blog in the traditional manner:


The photo day selfie!

The photo day selfie!


Cat in action. LOOK AT THAT LIGHT!


Marvellous stuff. Bring on next time!

Until the next blog,

E x


Oh! P.S. If you’re not familiar with Cat’s work, for goodness’ sake go treat your eyes to it. Check out her Facebook page here or go straight to her website here. Enjoy!


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