New beginnings / things get officially official.

A little while back, during a little break at a particularly beautiful wedding, a guest sidled conspiratorially up to me and said the following:

“Aren’t you knackered?! You must really love what you do.”

I have to say, it got me thinking. Generally speaking, wedding photography in the modern digital age does mean incredibly long days. It means lugging around heavy gear all day and travelling for miles, taking squillions of images and sporadically staying up until 2am to ensure everything is backed up in as many places as possible. It also occasionally entails politely batting away the odd wedding guest who’s had one too many and biting your tongue as someone jumps in front of a perfect shot with their iPad camera. But you know what? I still blooming love it. I love getting the opportunity to meet and work with all sorts of awesome new people. I love that this job lets me travel to and photograph beautiful new places I might not otherwise have ever visited. I love capturing the character and individuality of each incredible big day and reviewing the glorious array of expressions and details in the images afterwards. I love delivering the final product and seeing how my brilliant clients print and treasure their photographs, hopefully for a lifetime.

It was at this point that I decided I should maybe start doing this side of things properly. Despite all of the little aches and pains, I realised just how much I adore this type of photography. I’d been merrily shooting a choice selection of weddings for a few years previously, but it had always been sidelined by my work as a promotional photographer / designer on the music scene and that, I decided, could maybe do with a little switch..

So here we are! E.L – Hitched finally became a reality, with its own website and everything. I’ll not lie, I’m a little bit (very) excited about it all. To celebrate, here’s a behind the scenes snap of yours truly avec my best comedy “concentrating photographer” expression and one of my current editing / coffee break compadre:.

Big thanks to Ani McNeice for the photo!

Big thanks to Ani McNeice for the photo!

Motivational dinosaur.

I’ll be gradually adding more to this blog, including proper accounts of a few of my most recent lovely weddings, so keep checking back! Especially if you’re getting hitched in Derbyshire / South Yorkshire in 2015. Boy have I got a deal for you..

Right, that’s all for now! Until next time,.

E x


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