Rosie Hood and the River

Rosie Hood

As someone who might possibly explode if unable to run around outside taking photos of a plethora of wonderful things and people, I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have such an incredible group of creative, beautiful friends and peers. Rosie Hood, illustrator and singer (both solo and as one third of “The Dovetail Trio“), is one of them.

Last year, Rosie was kind enough to come and help me out with a couple of projects, including the creation of a music video for the rather lovely Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts in the freezing cold (and dark) of last Autumn. This shoot involved face painting in the dark, waving torches around, trying not to sink in the mud AND attempting not to shiver too much – which I think deserves more of a thank you than a tip of the hat and a verbal “ta, love!”

Consequently, this happened! I got to revert back to the days when I could go wild and play with hair and make-up as well as the photos, and we both got to walk along the beautiful Rivelin Valley in Sheffield to an amazing location Rosie had stumbled upon recently, featuring an iron throne in the middle of the river. The light was perfectly overcast, Rosie didn’t get her feet too wet hopping over the stepping stones to the throne, I nearly imploded with photographic joy and we even got to round off the day with an exceedingly tasty lunch at the Rivelin Valley Cafe. Marvellous. It all looked a bit like this:

Low res-3

Low res-12

Low res-6

Low res-14

Low res-11

Low res-17

Low res-15

Low res-19

Low res-22

Low res-21

Low res-23

Rosie Hood = absolute (mega talented) fox, right? If you’ve never ventured along the Rivelin Valley before, I highly recommend it – especially if you already live in the Sheffield area. Be sure to check out Rosie’s illustration work too!

Also, just in case you’re curious, that chilly video we did for Gilmore & Roberts looks a teensy bit like this:

And that’s all for now, folks! More beautiful wedding blogs are officially on the way.

Until next time,

E x


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