Autumnal adventures with Kathryn Edwards

You know what? I blooming love photo days. Excuses to meet up with other people who animatedly join in when I start jabbering about apertures and f numbers and how beautiful someone’s jawline is? Kind of awesome. Photo days are also a dynamite excuse to go adventuring, to escape the editing desk, and go hunting for new locations with another pair of eyes. When the other photographer in question happens to be as ridiculously photogenic as Kathryn Edwards, this just makes everything even more brilliant. I probably danced around in happy little circles a bit.

Kathryn Edwards by Elly Lucas

I first met Kathryn when I modelled for her gorgeous vintage high-tea themed bridal photoshoot earlier this year. If you’ve not seen the shoot yet, do go check it out – it was a genuine pleasure to work with such a talented bunch of creatives. (Did I mention that I also got to wear lots of wonderful twirly vintage frocks? TOO GOOD!)

A few months later, we decided to meet up again, but this time I’d also get to run around with a camera around my neck. I got to choose the location too: There’s a particular spot along the Damflask Reservoir near Low Bradfield, Sheffield, that I’ve told myself I must photograph approximately every time I’ve driven past it for the last two years. I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it was to finally get to explore it properly, especially when the array of Autumnal colours were still in full swing and I had a lovely new face in front of the lens! Magic stuff. It all looked a bit like this:














My goodness, it was all so very beautiful. Big thanks to Kathryn for her modelling skills! If you fancy seeing a few of Kathryn’s snaps of me, head on over to her Facebook page.

Until next time,

E x




2 thoughts on “Autumnal adventures with Kathryn Edwards

  1. Love it. So nice to have great pictures, when I am normally the one behind the lens. Had so much fun photographing you too. Will blog soon. xx

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