That time Gibb & Lucas played Switzerland.

A couple of things occurred to me this last week:

  1. It’s nearly the end of the year. Seriously, WHERE DID THAT GO?!
  2. I’ve been on quite a few interesting adventures and have completely failed to blog about them.

Consequently, the next few blog posts may well have something of a throwback theme, starting with this one! The time that my duo, Gibb & Lucas, got invited to play a really rather lovely gig in Switzerland. I’ll not lie, we were extremely uncool about it all. My camera and I spent quite a large volume of time freaking out with happiness.

This gig happened because of a chance meeting that happened at my house. Pretty nifty, right? A lovely chap called Stephen had popped round to interview my housemate, along with another well known music producer, and recognised me for my photography work. Internally this caused me to do something of a victorious air punch, but externally I like to think I was as cool as a cucumber. (I almost definitely wasn’t, but it’s nice to dream?) We got chatting about various photographic and musical things and then got talking about the duo, and the slightly ridiculous music videos we had a habit of making. Stephen then interviewed my housemate, Andy Bell, and left avec one of my business cards.

A short while later, I received an email. An awesome email. An awesome email saying that Stephen and his wife, Monika, had watched our videos and rather enjoyed them and would we fancy coming over to play a gig for them in Switzerland. Once I’d finished skipping around the room and quite possibly whooping, I eventually managed to type a vaguely coherent YES PLEASE. Next thing I knew (sort of, it was a few months later), David and I were on the way to the airport with me sporting a terribly hi-tech, bubble-wrapped violin case. Classy.

Switzerland 2Unfortunately our plane was somewhat delayed but our hosts, Stephen and Monika, were beyond brilliant about it. We had the most incredible time and can’t thank them enough for their hospitality. As well as putting us on as part of their amazing concert programme at Haus zum Himmel (“Folk in Heaven“), we were taken to visit the beautiful city of Bern and fed so much wonderful food that my tummy almost definitely happily expanded slightly. Phwoargh. I even just about survived introducing the gig in German! We had a rather entertaining time attempting to describe what a “four poster bath” was – I’m reasonably sure it’d been translated into at least four languages by the time we hit the jackpot – but our audience were fantastic and totally game to help us explain our daft banter to each other. Danke / Merci / Ta very much to you all!

I’ll stop rambling now and just show you the pictures. It all looked something like this:

















Setting up at Haus zum Himmel!








The train journey back to the airport. Goodbye beautiful, efficient Switzerland!





To top all of that off, as if Stephen, Monika and their friends at Haus zum Himmel hadn’t done enough for us already, they even filmed the gig. If you fancy it, you can see our performance of “England’s Skies” right here:

Huge thanks again to all of the brilliant people we had the genuine pleasure of meeting during our little adventure, I for one had an absolute ball.

Until next time,

E x


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