A Snapshot Of 2014: Awesome Weddings

Hello you lovely bunch, a Happy New Year to you all! I trust you had a suitably enjoyable festive season?

Having seen some beautiful round-up blogs from some of my other photographer friends, I figured I might have a go at it myself and indulge in a spot of nostalgia while doing so. So, here’s the first of three blog installments: Awesome Weddings.

2014 was the year I officially launched E.L – Hitched as a separate photographic venture to my promo and design work, and it’s been a total delight so far. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible brides and grooms, and travelling all over the UK to document their big days. I’ve had to blink like crazy more times than I can count (#soppymuch), fallen in love with even more locations and genuinely marvelled at the amount of thought, time and sheer personality that my clients have put into every part of their day. I’ve witnessed my first ever bride vs groom tug of war and delighted at newlyweds dancing down the aisle to Pharrel’s “Happy”. I’ve seen some of the greatest cake toppers ever and even got my first ever feature on Love My Dress, which I was probably extremely uncool about. (SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!) Vintage ice-cream vans, miles and miles of bunting, bagpipes and ceilidh dancing have also all featured with aplomb. All in all, it’s been pretty amazing.

So, here are some of my favourite moments of 2014! I attempted to narrow it down to twelve images, but that just wasn’t happening, so here (in no particularly order) are – well – lots of them. Enjoy!





Fancy seeing the full blog of this wedding? Click this picture!









Amelia & Rob low res-1

Amelia & Rob low res-28

Amelia & Rob low res-36

Amelia & Rob low res-54

Amelia & Rob low res-75

Amelia & Rob low res-86

Amelia & Rob low res-104

Amelia & Rob low res-136

Amelia & Rob low res-179

Amelia & Rob low res-230

Em & M WEDDING low res-5

Em & M WEDDING low res-17

Em & M WEDDING low res-97

Em & M WEDDING low res-160

Em & M WEDDING low res-118

Em & M WEDDING low res-190

Em & M WEDDING low res-179

Em & M WEDDING low res-266

Emelie & Phil (2)

Emelie & Phil (3)

Emelie & Phil (4)

Emelie & Phil (6)

Emelie & Phil (8)

Emelie & Phil (10)

Emelie & Phil (12)

Emelie & Phil (17)

Emelie & Phil (18)

Hannah & Ben low res-26

Hannah & Ben low res-89

Hannah & Ben low res-94

Hannah & Ben low res-103

Hannah & Ben low res-181

Hannah & Ben low res-174

Havva & James PREVIEW (3)

Helen & Andrew low res-8

Helen & Andrew low res-47

Fancy seeing the full blog of this wedding? Click this picture!

Helen & Andrew low res-130

Helen & Andrew low res-137

Helen & Andrew low res-222

Helen & Andrew low res-150

Helen & Andrew low res-180

Helen & Andrew low res-287

Helen & Andrew low res-306

Helen & Andrew low res-333

Lucy & Grant low-res-116

Lucy & Grant low-res-118

Lucy & Grant low-res-121

Lucy & Grant low-res-134

Lucy & Grant low-res-145

Lucy & Grant low-res-194

Lucy & Grant low-res-250

Lucy & Grant low-res-256

Pete & Claire WEDDING low res-28

Pete & Claire WEDDING low res-33

Pete & Claire WEDDING low res-54

Pete & Claire WEDDING low res-86

Pete & Claire WEDDING low res-108

Pete & Claire WEDDING low res-111

Wanna see more of this wedding? Click this picture!

Pete & Claire WEDDING low res-126

Pete & Claire WEDDING low res-161

Pete & Claire WEDDING low res-171

Pete & Claire WEDDING low res-312

Rob & Rhi WEDDING low-res-2

Rob & Rhi WEDDING low-res-40

Rob & Rhi WEDDING low-res-56

Rob & Rhi WEDDING low-res-115

Rob & Rhi WEDDING low-res-119

Click this picture for the full wedding blog!

Rob & Rhi WEDDING low-res-132

Rob & Rhi WEDDING low-res-175

Rob & Rhi WEDDING low-res-136

Rob & Rhi WEDDING low-res-276

Rob & Rhi WEDDING low-res-262

Yep, last year was pretty mega. Huge thanks to all of my wonderful couples, to all of the other wedding suppliers I had the pleasure of working alongside last year, and to all of my brilliant assistants for being absolutely heroic. You guys are the veritable bees’ knees.

Large volumes of love and all the very best for 2015,

E xxx


If you like what you see and would potentially like me to cover your big day, get in touch! See my website for an extended portfolio, pricing and contact details: www.el-hitched.co.uk


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