Golden boots, fairy lights and a Derby nightclub…

Wonderful things: 1) Getting to photograph two of your favourite people, in your hometown, when all the fairy lights are up and stuff. ❤ x100000

Oh man, this shoot! Those of you who follow my work on the music scene may recognise one of the people here as the rather lovely Lucy Ward. Those of you who follow the rather lovely Lucy Ward may know that she recently married a rather lovely man called Rob, and the whole event was beautifully captured by the rather lovely Camera Hannah. I cried several times, almost didn’t get through the song that myself and Sarah Matthews helped Lucy sing to Rob during the ceremony, and came home with two dinosaur-shaped wedding favours. My goodness, the feels.

Now, rewind back about three years. Lucy purchased a couple photoshoot voucher for Rob for Christmas and all was marvellous. We all got very giddy deciding what awesome things we could do, and then for the next blooming age we either couldn’t find a date that all of us were free or the days that we were free got utilised for exciting album / promo photoshoot things instead. I’d come home from being on tour with my old duo* just as Lucy headed out on tour, or one of us would have a free weekend but the other would be playing a festival / shooting a wedding, or myself and Lucy would – outrageously – be simultaneously available but poor Rob would be stuck at work. And so on and so forth. Typical, eh? (Oh the joys of creative freelancer schedules!)

HOWEVER, just after the wedding and just before Christmas, our diaries magically aligned! Oh happy day! We pottered around Derby and invaded a cafe and took full advantage of all of the fairy lights. It looked rather like this:




Fauxleroid ii

It would have been wrong NOT to.








Fun fact: These guys actually met at Mosh. Yep!













Yep, I’m beyond glad this finally happened.

Incidentally, if you like these snaps and fancy having a mini shoot with your other half, do get in touch! I offer a photoshoot package for £120 avec voucher and prints and the full kaboodle (see this blog for more details**) OR you can choose to just have the time and a download link for a discounted price. Magic.

Until next time,

E x


*Although the duo is no more, you can still give us a listen on Spotify if you fancy!

**Non-festive vouchers will be available soon! Feel free to email me for more info.


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