Sarah and the Singing Breeze

…swap “breeze” for “howling gale” and that title’s sort of accurate!

Last December I had a grand time doing a mini promo shoot for the rather gorgeous Sarah Smout, cellist and writer extraordinaire, who you may recognise from the Gren Bartley band amongst other musical loveliness. It was chuffing freezing out in the valley, but Sarah somehow still managed to look amazing despite the weather’s best efforts. Whaaat? Definite Yorkshire lass.

Without further ado, here’s how it all turned out:









You can currently catch Sarah doing the occasional solo gig as well as playing in various other projects. Check out her website for more details! Incidentally, while you’re clicking on things, you should hit play on this adorable little stop motion video by Gren Bartley, featuring Sarah, for “Tall Wooden Walls” from his new album entitled “Magnificent Creatures“. It’s bloody lovely:

Until next time,

E x


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