North Wales and the garden of dreams.


I’ve always loved popping up to North Wales to visit my Aunt and Uncle, so a weekend trip up the road with my Dad to help break up a huge pile of editing was more welcome than ever! As much as I adore my job, it’s so good to get away from the computer monitor every now and again. Y’know, so my pupils reset to a more circular / less pixelated shape and things.

I love the colours and textures up there, being surrounded by hills and those beautiful windswept wilds. Any excuse to visit the seaside is all good by me too, even if it is with the addition of fleece-lined wellies and full waterproofs. I nearly got blown away on multiple occasions and my hair looked like the dubious result of a dalliance between Einstein and a lion by the end of our day on the coast, but my goodness it was worth it. Just look at this place!

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Now, as if this trip to the rocky coast (apparently there aren’t enough rockpools to look in on sandy beaches) wasn’t beauteous enough, the next day we drove out to what is possibly one of my favourite places in the world to visit. We’d been frequenting Bodnant Garden ever since I was a kid, and even then it felt a bit like stepping into a fantasy land, but going back and seeing everything through a lens was a tiny bit mind-blowing. I spent so much time gawping at the scenery that I’m genuinely amazed that I didn’t inhale any flies. If I continue to describe how wonderful it was to see so much colour and so many new blooms after the dark grey Winter, even through the gentle haze of rain, I’ll probably fall into my usual trick of using my “lovely” quota for the whole month in one go – so here’s where I shush and just show you the snaps:

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There. Feeling like you’ve had a healthy dose of Springtime now? I do hope so.

Should you decide to go and visit Bodnant (which I highly recommend), apparently these days you should keep an eye out for otters! Pretty exciting, right? Having said that, when I was little the ponds used to be absolutely teeming with fish – but this time the ponds were totally still but for the pitterpatter of rain on their surfaces. The otters must have thought Christmas had well and truly come early when they discovered this place. Whew. Alongside the otters, Bodnant is home to a whole host of other wildlife, so take your time and look closely when you’re meandering around its various pathways – you never know what you might see.

Until next time,

E x

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