Ella and the Blossom Tree

I consider myself extremely privileged to know lots of wonderful, creative (really rather photogenic) people. Y’know, the kind of people who can inspire you just by nattering over tea and cake in the garden, and then post things that just melt your brain? Them. The rather gorgeous Ella Ruth is very definitely one of these people.

I fell in love with Ella’s instantly recognisable ethereal portraits a few years back, and have been ridiculously lucky to have photographed (and been photographed by) her on several occasions since. Normally when we’ve met up for one of our little photo adventures we’ve ended up battling horizontal blizzards, galeforce winds, driving rain and temperatures perilously close to the minus range – usually in summer dresses – so imagine our surprise when our last meet up featured not only sunshine, but enough warmth to actually sit comfortably in our chosen shoot attire. I’ll not lie, the phrase “WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?!” came up several times, along with an overwhelming urge to check the horizon every few seconds, expecting it to start bucketing it down at any given moment. Raining cats and dogs / frogs seems like an entirely plausible scenario at a standard Elly and Ella shoot. I’m genuinely surprised that we don’t look too perplexed by our good fortune in the final photos.

Anyhow, our luck stayed! For the whole day! It all looked a bit like this:

1 3 5 7 8 10 11 14 13 15 16 17

Yep, it was pretty lush. Here’s Ella expressing just how ecstatic we were with the weather:


And here’s the obligatory photo day Instagram snap:


And here’s a lovely BTS snap Ella got of me swanning around taking photos in a fancy frock:


Chuffing marvellous stuff. Incidentally, if you fancy seeing Ella’s photos of me, go check out her beautiful Facebook page!

Until next time,

E x


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