The 2015 round-up: Adventures

2015 has certainly been an interesting one. It started off freezing and ended strangely toasty, I moved back to my hometown for far longer than I expected to, travelled to lots of exciting new places and met lots of incredible new people. It’s been difficult, but it’s also been amazing, and it all looked a little bit like this:



Yep, 2015 started off much colder. I’ve always adored frost patterns, but frost and ice through a macro lens really is a whole different world. I actually did a little blog featuring lots more of these photos, if you fancy browsing further!

There was A LOT of snow up north. I dug my way back into my house a few squillion times and thanked goodness for the spare pair of wellies in the boot of my car. Also, it turns out I have back muscles now. Who knew?!


I went exploring around beautiful Formby with Hannah James and Aubrey, the world’s leading expert in photobombing. Full blog right here!


I waved goodbye to Sheffield (and Hudson the Super Dog) and moved back to Derbados. I also came to the conclusion that I may have magic powers when it comes to packing huge numbers of things into a room, but that the awesome Tetris spell breaks the moment I have to fit it into a smaller space. Like my car. Oh dear…


As Winter drew to a close, my birthday happened and Dan took me to Twycross Zoo, where we established that I would probably quite happily live in a butterfly house if I could. Not even kidding.



Spring started with a trip up to North Wales with my Dad to visit my lovely Aunt and Uncle. There was a lot of rain, a bit of sunshine and a metric tonne of photos. You can check out the full blog here, but here’s a few of my favourites for starters:

Wales - March (2)Wales - March (4)

Wales - March (11)Wales - March (14)Wales - March (18)Wales - March (20)Wales - March (21)Wales - March (12)Wales - March (13)11043114_10205334992550247_256344723981564858_o11046309_10205334995350317_3009413427064750934_o

I got back from Wales and apparently there was a little eclipse or something? I may have taken some photos of its reflection in the garden pond (I only had an 85mm lens handy at the time and fancied trying to see it a bit differently) and things may have got a bit out of hand.


Like, featured on BBC Earth and USA Today out of hand. Whaaaat?!


Oh, and then there was that interview on BBC Radio Derby about it all that happened while I was sat on a hill in a tent helping to run a checkpoint for the Four Inns Walk. Again, whaaaat?!


And then it rained. Oh how it rained.


Minion biscuits were a (wonderful) thing.


And then I went to The Photography Show with my favourite Camera Hannah and Cat Lane and nearly keeled over with happiness when I got accepted as a “Trade Visitor”. Ohhh yesss! I’d love to say I had my best professional face on, but that’s probably not the case.


Shortly after falling in love with Sigma’s new 50mm f/1.4 Art lens at the Photography Show, Dan and I popped over to Hamburg for a cheeky few days holiday before we photographed the wedding of a very dear friend. There was sunshine and Miniatur Wunderland and a hotel room on the 12th floor and we may have discovered Hendricks Gin, much to the dismay of our wallets. Oh, and we somehow managed to find a fish and chip shop that was owned by a man originally from Cromer (of course), and I vowed I needed to improve my (spectacularly rusty) German language skills after we ate wurst and chips for the 4th time in a row.


Sometime later, the sun deigned to show its face in the UK again and I officially cracked out the brogues and granny skirt combo. Hello, Springtime! Incidentally, should you fancy following me on Instagram, my username is @elly_lucas.


We found some animatronic dinosaurs. And some meerkats. Dan was a little bit giddy about it.


We even managed to cram in a mini holiday to Whitby! Fish and chips, ice-cream on the beach, many games of arrow-words and an evening spent watching the swallows dart around catching flies. Perfect.



Summer began with a trip up to Glasgow to see one of my absolute favourite people, AKA Louise Bichan, musician and photographer and all round lovely person. This time not only featured a sunny little meander around the Glasgow Botanical Gardens, but also dolling up to the nines and donning walking boots to trek out to an incredible location called “The Whangie”. It was so peaceful out there and the light so perfect that we pretty much stayed until it was dark, just enjoying the scenery and the quiet. This adventure really does need its own blog sometime soon (I took approximately three squillion photos and Lou looked AMAZING), but for now here’s a little taster:



My Dad started keeping bees! These little guys have been buzzing busily around the garden, filling the air with a beautiful humming sound. It’s been fascinating watching them through a telephoto lens, all the different jobs they have and the different pollen types they return with.


There was a little camping trip to Suffolk. It was all very twee and lovely and I fell in love with the colourful lines of beach huts. And the sloe gin we discovered there. Phwoargh.

Camping with The Naylors-18Camping with The Naylors-46Camping with The Naylors-33Camping with The Naylors-54Camping with The Naylors-53Camping with The Naylors-73Camping with The Naylors-74

And then, as summer drew to an end, we popped over to my favourite festival in the universe: Shrewsbury Folk Festival. Festival trousers were worn, songs sung and nerdy Instax double exposures taken. Marvellous.




Autumn was a month of adventuring. Walks around Derbyshire were a thing, over moorlands and through falling leaves:

Longshaw Estate 2015 (8)

Longshaw Estate 2015 (7)

Longshaw Estate 2015 (3)

Longshaw Estate 2015 (10)

I fell in love with my macro lens all over again:

Autumn 2015 vII (8)Autumn 2015 ptIII (3)Autumn 2015 vII (2)Autumn 2015 vII (11)Autumn 2015 ptIII (10)Autumn 2015 vII (9)Autumn 2015 vII (5)

And then my sister and I decided a trip up to beautiful Anglesey was called for. It would’ve been wrong not to call into Bodnant Garden again on the way…

And then there was the Menai Straight, which looked so magical under the overcast light that we had to stop the car and just stare at it for a while.

Wales (40)Wales (38)Wales (49)Wales (44)Wales (54)Wales (55)

Plas Newydd and Pili Palas (hurray for butterfly houses!) were rather beautiful too.

11250078_10207085484751458_7147902536581866098_o12240815_10207085486311497_4047611295712959060_oWales (31)Wales (25)

And then there was the trip up to the Lake District with the wonderful SNAP Photography Festival crowd. I’d not met any of them before I joined them for a few days in Derwent Water Independent Hostel (which, by the way, is an awesome place to stay) but I can honestly say it was the most comfortable I’ve ever felt around a bunch of totally new people and I had a silly amount of fun. Thanks, loves! Many games of sardines happened (again, props to the Youth Hostel for being a spectacular venue for such antics), much crumble / gin was consumed and a few squillion photos were taken. Marvellous stuff.

SNAP reunion (2)SNAP reunion (4)SNAP reunion (26)SNAP reunion (1)

Should you fancy it, you can see a few more of my snaps alongside those of the other incredible photographers at the SNAP Reunion right here:

SNAP Reunion 2015 from Laura Babb on Vimeo.


The exploring theme continued as Winter came around again. Becky Ryan, Will Fuller, Louise Miller and I invaded the Peak District for the day:

Longshaw (11)Longshaw (10)Longshaw (5)Longshaw (3)Longshaw (22)Longshaw (13)


Dan and I popped up to York for some (rainy) Christmas market festive funsies. Pie and peas, mulled cider with spiced rum and more fudge stalls than you could shake a stick at.

And then it was Christmas! Where on earth did the year go?! I made lots of things, including a teddy bear called George, and had the best time catching up with family, obligatory Boxing Day hike and all. I do hope you all had a suitably lovely time too.


And now it’s 2016! I can’t wait to see what adventures the next twelve months will bring.

Have a wonderful year,

E x


P.S. This year I’m attempting to write one or two blogs per week, so if you have any suggestions of things you’d be particularly interested in reading about (tutorials / behind the scenes / before and afters / other?) I’d love to hear from you!


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