From gardens to mountains: the Glasgow adventures.

So, around this time last year I popped up North to visit my lovely pal Louise Bichan, AKA my Scottish twin / sister from another mister / one of my absolute favourite humans ever. Seeing as she’s currently on the train down this way for our next set of adventures and I’m IMPOSSIBLY EXCITED, I figured I’d finally get my butt into gear and blog up what on earth we got up to the last time. Nostalgia trip, here we go!

There were two main photo adventures last time I headed up to Glasgow, the first of which involved Lou and I dolling up to the nines and bewildering many a hiker as we trekked out into the Kilpatrick hills in posh frocks and walking boots. I can’t actually find the right words to describe how beautiful it was to be up there in the fresh air and sunlight, watching the colours change as the sun set behind the distant mountains, so I’m just going to go right ahead and show you instead:


TOTAL BABE, right?! Incidentally, if you like beautiful instrumental music avec samples and synths, go check out her incredible new album, called “Out Of My Own Light“.


^^^ Phone snaps by Louise!



Smiley happy “thank goodness we made it off the hill before it got dark” faces.

Should you be interested in exploring the above location for yourself, just make sure you’re sensibly attired and take some water / snacks etc! It’s a lovely walk to get there (the rock formation itself is called “The Whangie”) but do be prepared. It’s worth the hike just to take in all of the incredible colours and textures, and the view out towards Loch Lomond and the Highlands is nothing shy of awesome. Highly recommended.

The next day we opted for a slightly shorter walk, pottering around in the luminously colourful Glasgow Botanic Gardens. The rhododendrons were out in force and the heat was nothing shy of intense. Ice lollies were consumed and the grass was lazed upon, buuut not before we’d taken a few squillion snaps between us…


^^^ How much does this abandoned subway station from above look like something straight out of a Studio Ghibli film?! So very Spirited Away, right…? (If you’re not familiar with this wonderful animation studio, some of their finest pieces are being played in selected cinemas again this year! Check it out.)




Yep, that was a lovely day. If you fancy seeing some of Louise’s snaps of me, go check out her website and Facebook page!

Right, I better get packing for our next adventure. If you fancy a few sneak peeks of our travels around France before the official photos come out (or you’d just like to see more of our work in general), come and say hello on social media! Handy links right here:

Instagram: @elly_lucas / @lbichan

Facebook: Elly Lucas Photography / E.L – Hitched / Louise Bichan

Twitter: @ellylucas / @louisebichan

Until next time,

E x



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