The 2016 Round-Up: EPIC Weddings

Right, where the hell do I start with this then? 2016 was an AMAZING year for weddings, there’s no other word for it. My clients were infallibly wonderful, I got to travel all over the shop and my second shooters have been absolute diamonds. I’m going to go ahead and inform you straight away that the force was not strong in this one during my attempts to cull the photo selection for this blog. My expression was, in fact, remarkably similar to this little lady:


…right up until I decided to just give in and go wild and just show you as many snaps as I darn well pleased. While I’m not actually sorry because this blog is now stacked with adorableness, you may want to grab yourself a brew and settle in. (Oh, and if you’re a Spotify user, I’m going to recommend you pop this playlist of loveliness on too.)

Ready? Let’s GO.


As well as getting to shoot at some brilliant local venues in Derbyshire and South Yorkshire this year (Wortley Hall, Wentworth Castle and Newton Solney Barns to name a few), my travels have taken me everywhere from Orkney to Windermere to Paris and beyond! I’ve been rendered absolutely speechless by the beauty not only of the places I’ve had the privilege of snapping, but of the people I’ve encountered along the way too.


There were some excellent prep moments:


The details were next level:


There were a few strokes of pure genius, including these little picnic crates as the wedding breakfast, a hangover kit for the bridal party, tables sorted into Hogwarts houses and – oh happiest of days – a tea bar!


The flowers were magic:


There were some stellar staircase moments:


And my couples were all so gorgeous that it made me giddy. Photographing people in love = quite possibly the best job in the world.


Dogs at weddings was a glorious, glorious thing:


I had far too much fun with group photos:


I lost count of the number of times my heart melted:


The confetti game was strong:


The speech reactions were genius:


The victory stance was a recurring theme:


…and have I mentioned how SPECTACULAR the wedding games were this year yet? Oh my. Oh my life. Groomsmen challenges, rounders, sack races, bingo, space hoppers and beyond. Just look at this:


FINALLY, it only seems fitting to end a wedding blog with some classic dance floor antics. We’re talking everything from the macarena to ceilidh dancing, air guitar-ing to being hoisted into the air on chairs. 2016 couples, you guys had some serious moves:


And there you have it! 2016 in a photographic nutshell. Thank you so much to all of my gorgeous clients from this year, I can’t tell you what a delight it’s been and I wish you all the very best for the new year and beyond. Additional thanks must go to my wonderful second-shooters this year (Sam Houghton, Helen Smiddy, Liz Wan, Louise Pawson, Louise Bichan, Daniel Naylor and Kim Gribbon) and to all of the lovely suppliers and venues I’ve worked with over the year, you guys are the bee’s knees.

If you’re getting hitched in 2017 and like what you see, get in touch! Lots more info, package deals and more, can be found on my website.

If you know someone who’s getting hitched in 2017 and might like my work, sharing this blog with them could win you a free couple photoshoot! If I get a booking which cites you as the source of the referral, I’ll send you a nice little couple photoshoot voucher to say thank you. This offer is valid until April 1st 2017. Enjoy!

Huge love and best wishes to you all,

E xx


4 thoughts on “The 2016 Round-Up: EPIC Weddings

    1. Thank you, Clive! It’s entirely possible that I’m in the process of sneak recording a little something to release in 2017, watch this space…

      Hope you’re well and have a lovely Christmas,


      1. That’s great news, I hope it comes to fruition. Loved the albums you made a few years back. All goodish thanks, hope life is being kind to you. Have a wonderful Christmas 😊🎅🎄

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