The 2017 Round-Up: Wonderful Weddings


Right, well, where the heck do I start here? This year’s weddings have been, in a word, spectacular. I’ve photographed wedfests, funfairs, snow, unicorns riding on dodgems, big hounds, little hounds, alpacas, tears, giggles and more beautiful people than I could ever possibly have imagined. Thank you SO, SO MUCH to all of my incredible clients this year, it really has been an absolute joy working with you. After an awful end to 2016 for my family, this year could have been a particularly difficult one for me – but you guys have helped put my heart back together in the most wonderful way. With everything I have, thank you.

Now, to the photos! (If you’re a Spotify user, I’m going to go right ahead and recommend you pop this playlist of loveliness/pure cheese on while you’re browsing.)


The wedding location and detail game was pretty excellent again this year. I travelled all over the UK and, I’ll not lie, delighted at all the northern & nerdy details. Ten points, couples!


Dogs at weddings was a much-welcomed theme again:


And this year I got to play with goats and alpacas too! Oh my days, it was amazing. Here’s what beautiful Charlie & Steve looked like surrounded by their new pals:


Annnnd here’s what was going on behind the scenes (big thanks to Sam Houghton for these!):

My couples were bloody gorgeous and I love them forever for humouring me as I played with prisms and fairy lights and hid behind bushes and othersuch madness:

Clem & Grant by & Mim by & Mark by & John by & Jim by

Adobe Spark

Mr & Mrs Smart by & Greg by & Nick by & Niamh by & Stew by

Adobe Spark (1)

Lauren & Greg by & Paddy by & Emily by & Chanelle by & Chris by & Stew by

Adobe Spark (2)

Jo & Ollie by & Adam by & Sarah by & Chay by & Tom by

The way you all looked at your loved ones melted my heart on more than one occasion:

Simon & Chanelle by & Mrs Smart by & Nick by & Stew by & Joanna by & Tom by & Chris by

And we had a whole lot of fun too. Y’know, in between the emotional carnage:

Amy & Adam by & Chris by & Jim by & John by & Paddy by & Tom by & Jim by Spark (4)Mik & John by & Joel by Spark (5)Claire & Jim by & John by & Sarah by Spark (3)Mik & John by & Jim by & Mark by & Niamh by & Adam by

I think we can safely establish that these guys all had an absolute whale of a time:

Charlotte & Chay by & Chay by & Sarah by & Niamh by - kids at weddings (6)

The force was strong in the ol’ group photo antics:

Ollie & Joanna by & Mark by & Stew by & Chay by & Mim by & Ollie by

(Pose level: HEROIC.)

I turned into a soppy whatsit every time this happened:

Andi & Emily by & Mark by & Mrs Smart by


Annnnd what’s left? Oh. Oh I know.

Ollie & Joanna by & Chay by & John by & Niamh by & Jim by


Thank you so much again to all the lovely folk at this year’s weddings; couples, guests, venue staff, suppliers and all – I hope you know how much you, along with my wonderful second-shooters, brightened up my year. Huge love to the lot of you!

If you’re getting hitched in 2018/19 and like what you see, get in touch! If you’re getting wed in Derbyshire / South Yorkshire, I’ll even give you 15% off the full-day package. ***If you’re eloping or having a tiny intimate ceremony and would like to arrange some custom hours, I would especially love to hear from you! Give me a shout here for some special rates.***

All the very best for 2018,

Elly xxx


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