The 2016 Round-Up: Music & Portraits & Things

Seeing as I went ahead and did an absolutely mammoth wedding round-up blog for this year, it only seemed right and fair to show you a few of my favourites from my various other photo & design adventures.

This year has been a brilliant year of tinkering. It’s been a year of working with lots of awesome clients who trust you implicitly to go a bit rogue and get your creative on and ohmygosh I love them for it. (Y’know, the kind of folk who don’t bat an eyelid when you’re running around using a pint glass / coloured knitting needles / trees as a creative filter. Those ones.) I’ve travelled all over, fallen in love with SNAP Photography Festival, painted faces and had far too much fun running around with some of my favourite photographers and musicians.

Now, with no further ado, here we go…

Emily Mae Winters - EP cover.jpg2016-12-27_0012.jpg

EP design for the lovely Emily Mae Winters, followed later in the year by an album shoot which may have involved a paddling pool. In November. Go check out her Facebook page for album updates!


Promo photos around Kelham Island for musician / composer extraordinaire Jack McNeill.


A portrait session in Liverpool with the wonderful Eleanor Rees.


Photoshoot adventures around Stannington / Dungworth with Jack Rutter. Keep an eye out on Jack’s page for more from this session!


That time beautiful Heidi Talbot invited me up to Scotland to take photos for her new album “Here We Go 1, 2, 3” around the spectacular Glen House Estate.


Promo session for Coven (featuring Lady Maisery, Belinda O’Hooley & Tidow and Grace Petrie).


Epic Shakespeare-themed portrait adventures with The Company Of Players.

KB Absent Mother - FRONT COVER JPG rgb.jpg

Photography and artwork for Kirsty Bromley‘s new EP “Absent Mother”.


That time we ran riot at CADS Sheffield with vast volumes of vintage and steampunk wonderfulness for the Steamchicken album photoshoot.


Portrait adventures in the woods with electroacoustic genius Vanessa Massera.


Tinkerings with prisms and a video light for the rather marvellous Ollie King‘s upcoming new album “Diffractions”.

Son Of John - COVER hi-res.jpg

Album photography and design for Son Of John‘s debut album “Autumn’s Hymn”.


Portrait session for the mega gorgeous Phoebe Eley above the Longshaw Estate, Derbyshire.


That time I popped over to Bergen, Norway, with Jamie Sia Photography to wear beautiful dresses by Luna Organics and take a few snaps of our other lovely models Jess Johnston and Eric Odeen.


The time I ran around as an official snapper (super fit low-vis blue tabard and all) at Shrewsbury Folk Festival. If you’re looking for an awesome music festival to take your family to (or just to go to for funsies!) I can’t recommend this one enough.


Creative photoshoot adventures for the brilliant Will Pound & Eddy Jay‘s new album “Ignite”, featuring a painting by Will’s brother, Steve Pound.


Bellowhead‘s new live album (recorded by my genius old housemate Andy Bell) came out, so you finally get to see the snaps I took for it at their Manchester 02 Apollo gig last year. Poot poot!


Promo snaps for melodeon marvel Mel Biggs, complete with multicoloured knitting needle filter. Obvs. (I may have squeaked with happiness a bit.)


That time I did a photoshoot for Weleda‘s beautiful new gift range for their Christmas catalogue. In September. Christmas music and fairy lights may have featured heavily.


The time it snowed and Shelley Richmond and I decided to frolic around in tulle skirts in the Peak District.


When SNAP Photography Festival was everything I hoped it would be and more. Photographers, if you want to join one of the best communities of creative folk in the known universe, go give the SNAP website a visit!


…and that, dear readers, was 2016! Thank you to all of my incredible clients and peers, and to all of you for your kind support.

Love to the lot of you,

E x


From gardens to mountains: the Glasgow adventures.

So, around this time last year I popped up North to visit my lovely pal Louise Bichan, AKA my Scottish twin / sister from another mister / one of my absolute favourite humans ever. Seeing as she’s currently on the train down this way for our next set of adventures and I’m IMPOSSIBLY EXCITED, I figured I’d finally get my butt into gear and blog up what on earth we got up to the last time. Nostalgia trip, here we go!

There were two main photo adventures last time I headed up to Glasgow, the first of which involved Lou and I dolling up to the nines and bewildering many a hiker as we trekked out into the Kilpatrick hills in posh frocks and walking boots. I can’t actually find the right words to describe how beautiful it was to be up there in the fresh air and sunlight, watching the colours change as the sun set behind the distant mountains, so I’m just going to go right ahead and show you instead:


TOTAL BABE, right?! Incidentally, if you like beautiful instrumental music avec samples and synths, go check out her incredible new album, called “Out Of My Own Light“.


^^^ Phone snaps by Louise!



Smiley happy “thank goodness we made it off the hill before it got dark” faces.

Should you be interested in exploring the above location for yourself, just make sure you’re sensibly attired and take some water / snacks etc! It’s a lovely walk to get there (the rock formation itself is called “The Whangie”) but do be prepared. It’s worth the hike just to take in all of the incredible colours and textures, and the view out towards Loch Lomond and the Highlands is nothing shy of awesome. Highly recommended.

The next day we opted for a slightly shorter walk, pottering around in the luminously colourful Glasgow Botanic Gardens. The rhododendrons were out in force and the heat was nothing shy of intense. Ice lollies were consumed and the grass was lazed upon, buuut not before we’d taken a few squillion snaps between us…


^^^ How much does this abandoned subway station from above look like something straight out of a Studio Ghibli film?! So very Spirited Away, right…? (If you’re not familiar with this wonderful animation studio, some of their finest pieces are being played in selected cinemas again this year! Check it out.)




Yep, that was a lovely day. If you fancy seeing some of Louise’s snaps of me, go check out her website and Facebook page!

Right, I better get packing for our next adventure. If you fancy a few sneak peeks of our travels around France before the official photos come out (or you’d just like to see more of our work in general), come and say hello on social media! Handy links right here:

Instagram: @elly_lucas / @lbichan

Facebook: Elly Lucas Photography / E.L – Hitched / Louise Bichan

Twitter: @ellylucas / @louisebichan

Until next time,

E x



Ella and the Blossom Tree

I consider myself extremely privileged to know lots of wonderful, creative (really rather photogenic) people. Y’know, the kind of people who can inspire you just by nattering over tea and cake in the garden, and then post things that just melt your brain? Them. The rather gorgeous Ella Ruth is very definitely one of these people.

I fell in love with Ella’s instantly recognisable ethereal portraits a few years back, and have been ridiculously lucky to have photographed (and been photographed by) her on several occasions since. Normally when we’ve met up for one of our little photo adventures we’ve ended up battling horizontal blizzards, galeforce winds, driving rain and temperatures perilously close to the minus range – usually in summer dresses – so imagine our surprise when our last meet up featured not only sunshine, but enough warmth to actually sit comfortably in our chosen shoot attire. I’ll not lie, the phrase “WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?!” came up several times, along with an overwhelming urge to check the horizon every few seconds, expecting it to start bucketing it down at any given moment. Raining cats and dogs / frogs seems like an entirely plausible scenario at a standard Elly and Ella shoot. I’m genuinely surprised that we don’t look too perplexed by our good fortune in the final photos.

Anyhow, our luck stayed! For the whole day! It all looked a bit like this:

1 3 5 7 8 10 11 14 13 15 16 17

Yep, it was pretty lush. Here’s Ella expressing just how ecstatic we were with the weather:


And here’s the obligatory photo day Instagram snap:


And here’s a lovely BTS snap Ella got of me swanning around taking photos in a fancy frock:


Chuffing marvellous stuff. Incidentally, if you fancy seeing Ella’s photos of me, go check out her beautiful Facebook page!

Until next time,

E x

Sarah and the Singing Breeze

…swap “breeze” for “howling gale” and that title’s sort of accurate!

Last December I had a grand time doing a mini promo shoot for the rather gorgeous Sarah Smout, cellist and writer extraordinaire, who you may recognise from the Gren Bartley band amongst other musical loveliness. It was chuffing freezing out in the valley, but Sarah somehow still managed to look amazing despite the weather’s best efforts. Whaaat? Definite Yorkshire lass.

Without further ado, here’s how it all turned out:









You can currently catch Sarah doing the occasional solo gig as well as playing in various other projects. Check out her website for more details! Incidentally, while you’re clicking on things, you should hit play on this adorable little stop motion video by Gren Bartley, featuring Sarah, for “Tall Wooden Walls” from his new album entitled “Magnificent Creatures“. It’s bloody lovely:

Until next time,

E x

A Snapshot Of 2014: Music and Portraits and Things

Here we finally are, the last of my 2014 round-up blogs! Last year was pretty awesome. As well as somehow being allowed to plaster my photos all over Cecil Sharp House as part of my “Folktography” exhibition earlier this year, I got to photograph some absolutely incredible people in 2014. I almost definitely confused the local valley folk on more than one occasion, popped over to Belgium, lace-bombed a wood, hung squillions of playing cards from my ceiling, wore a tutu on my head for the sake of art and probably became incomprehensibly excited at the prospect of being allowed to take portrait photos at a beautiful stately home. I may have had more than a bit of mare attempting to decide which images to feature in this little selection. In fact, some of them may even get their own dedicated blogs later in the year so I feel marginally less torn about the whole kaboodle.

As well as doing lots of promotional work for creative people, I got to play around with some documentary and event photography for projects such as The Elizabethan Session, Made In The Great War, Folk By The Oak and The Battle Proms – all of which were far too brilliant (and extensive) to condense into this post and very definitely need their own blogs at some point. (In the meantime, if you like the sound of outdoor classical concerts avec cavalry, live cannon fire and spectacular fireworks, you can see a selection of my snaps from the Battle Proms right here!)

Now, without further ado, here’s what it all looked like. If you’d like to know more about each artist pictured, just click on the image to go to their website!

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Check out the full shoot with Cat Lane right here:

Image by Elly Lucas ( Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Sam Sweeney by Elly Lucas

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Fancy seeing more from this shoot? Check out the blog!

Image by Elly Lucas (


Alongside taking pictures, I also did a bit of album design work. Here are just a few of the lovely releases I had a hand in putting together this year:

Image by Elly Lucas (

Needle-felting, stitching and various other for Haddo. This album even features some knitted textures by Mama Lucas!

Photography, artwork and album design for Maz O’Connor.

The Askew Sisters by Elly Lucas

The Willows by Elly Lucas

Photography, artwork and album design for The Willows.

Image by Elly Lucas (

Photography, artwork and album design for The Young’uns.

And that about rounds it up for 2014! Thanks to you all for your support over the last year, and to all of my lovely clients. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

All the very best to the lot of you,

E xxx


Autumnal adventures with Kathryn Edwards

You know what? I blooming love photo days. Excuses to meet up with other people who animatedly join in when I start jabbering about apertures and f numbers and how beautiful someone’s jawline is? Kind of awesome. Photo days are also a dynamite excuse to go adventuring, to escape the editing desk, and go hunting for new locations with another pair of eyes. When the other photographer in question happens to be as ridiculously photogenic as Kathryn Edwards, this just makes everything even more brilliant. I probably danced around in happy little circles a bit.

Kathryn Edwards by Elly Lucas

I first met Kathryn when I modelled for her gorgeous vintage high-tea themed bridal photoshoot earlier this year. If you’ve not seen the shoot yet, do go check it out – it was a genuine pleasure to work with such a talented bunch of creatives. (Did I mention that I also got to wear lots of wonderful twirly vintage frocks? TOO GOOD!)

A few months later, we decided to meet up again, but this time I’d also get to run around with a camera around my neck. I got to choose the location too: There’s a particular spot along the Damflask Reservoir near Low Bradfield, Sheffield, that I’ve told myself I must photograph approximately every time I’ve driven past it for the last two years. I can’t even begin to tell you how nice it was to finally get to explore it properly, especially when the array of Autumnal colours were still in full swing and I had a lovely new face in front of the lens! Magic stuff. It all looked a bit like this:














My goodness, it was all so very beautiful. Big thanks to Kathryn for her modelling skills! If you fancy seeing a few of Kathryn’s snaps of me, head on over to her Facebook page.

Until next time,

E x



Rosie Hood and the River

Rosie Hood

As someone who might possibly explode if unable to run around outside taking photos of a plethora of wonderful things and people, I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have such an incredible group of creative, beautiful friends and peers. Rosie Hood, illustrator and singer (both solo and as one third of “The Dovetail Trio“), is one of them.

Last year, Rosie was kind enough to come and help me out with a couple of projects, including the creation of a music video for the rather lovely Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts in the freezing cold (and dark) of last Autumn. This shoot involved face painting in the dark, waving torches around, trying not to sink in the mud AND attempting not to shiver too much – which I think deserves more of a thank you than a tip of the hat and a verbal “ta, love!”

Consequently, this happened! I got to revert back to the days when I could go wild and play with hair and make-up as well as the photos, and we both got to walk along the beautiful Rivelin Valley in Sheffield to an amazing location Rosie had stumbled upon recently, featuring an iron throne in the middle of the river. The light was perfectly overcast, Rosie didn’t get her feet too wet hopping over the stepping stones to the throne, I nearly imploded with photographic joy and we even got to round off the day with an exceedingly tasty lunch at the Rivelin Valley Cafe. Marvellous. It all looked a bit like this:

Low res-3

Low res-12

Low res-6

Low res-14

Low res-11

Low res-17

Low res-15

Low res-19

Low res-22

Low res-21

Low res-23

Rosie Hood = absolute (mega talented) fox, right? If you’ve never ventured along the Rivelin Valley before, I highly recommend it – especially if you already live in the Sheffield area. Be sure to check out Rosie’s illustration work too!

Also, just in case you’re curious, that chilly video we did for Gilmore & Roberts looks a teensy bit like this:

And that’s all for now, folks! More beautiful wedding blogs are officially on the way.

Until next time,

E x