Peak District Adventures: Episodes 1-6

Longshaw (8).jpg

So here’s a thing: Being a self-employed photographer can sometimes feel a bit like you’re socially bi-polar. The chances are you’ve either got your best extroverted, socially capable face on while you’re dashing around snapping beautiful weddings / festivals / bands / whatever your bag is or you are, quite probably, sat on your tod in the photographic equivalent of the bat cave. Possibly with the curtains closed if it’s mega sunny so it doesn’t screw with your white-balance perception. (Not even kidding.) As you can imagine, this can get a wee bit intense during particularly busy times of the year and it can be mighty difficult to talk about it to anyone who works outside the scene: to the vast majority of people we’re doing our freakin’ dream job. Which we are. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a serious labour of love sometimes, right?

…and that’s where the Peak District Adventures came in. Originally these began as an excuse for a load of lovely internet acquaintances to meet up ahead of going to the awesome Snap Photography Festival together, but we ended up having so much fun at the first one that the brilliant Will Fuller Photography and I took it upon ourselves to try and organise one every month or so. Turns out that fresh air + actual proper daylight + beautiful scenery + good company = much happier photographers. Who knew?! (Imagine drinks or dinner after work but with extra vitamin D and a whole load of cameras / general nerdery. Chuffing marvellous.)

Longshaw (29).jpg

Having a support network of people around you who understand the scene you work in is one of the best things you can possibly have. Don’t get me wrong here, I absolutely adore all of my friends and family outside of the circles I work in, but having people who can truly empathise and advise, who you trust implicitly to cover for you in an emergency and have your back when things are difficult – there’s nothing quite like it. Find your tribe and love ’em like crazy, this world is so much better when we support each other instead of competing all the time.

Now, to the photos!


EPISODE I: Longshaw Estate, Dec ’15

That time we nearly got blown away on the moors but it was super pretty and we got pie at the pub. Oh hell yes.

Longshaw (3)Longshaw (10)Longshaw (11)Longshaw (13)


Photographers: Will Fuller, Becky Kelly, Louise Pawson (Fox Tail Photography)



EPISODE II: Mam Tor, Jan ’16

That time we went on a slightly longer walk than anticipated and realised how terribly unfit we were after Christmas buuut it was still amazing. Just look at all that atmosphere. Phwoargh. 



Photographers: Will Fuller, Andy Wardle


EPISODE III: Stanton Moor, Feb ’16

That time we nearly died of shock when the weather was perfect and we discovered that I’m quite probably allergic to silver birch pollen? I may have ended up with zero mascara left on my face and red zombie eyes, but my goodness it was worth it.

Stanton Moor (1).jpg

Stanton Moor (19)2016-08-04_0009Stanton Moor (2)2016-08-04_0008Stanton Moor (16)Stanton Moor (26)

Photographers: Jamie Sia, Steve Bridgwood, Shelley Richmond, Will Fuller

This particular adventure marked the serious upping of selfie game. Check out these total beauts by Will & Jamie!



Will Fuller Photography (#bandphoto)


Jamie Sia Photography


EPISODE IV: Black Rocks, Derbyshire, Mar ’16

That time we had the biggest number of adventurers yet and threw shapes on a big ol’ rock face. We even managed to tag a little portrait session onto the end!

Peak District Adventures vIV - Black Rocks (4)-322016-08-04_0010Peak District Adventures vIV - Black Rocks (59)-452016-08-04_0013Peak District Adventures vIV - Black Rocks (8)-492016-08-04_0011Peak District Adventures vIV - Black Rocks (24)-162016-08-04_0012Peak District Adventures vIV - Black Rocks (17)-8Peak District Adventures vIV - Black Rocks (34)-26Peak District Adventures vIV - Black Rocks (50)-39Peak District Adventures vIV - Black Rocks (32)-25

Photographers: Jamie SiaShelley Richmond, Will Fuller, Jaye & Matt Cole, Aimee Catt, Amy-Rose Deffley, Chris Bunce

The selfie game continued:


Will Fuller Photography


Jamie Sia Photography


EPISODE V: …was the adventure around Dovedale that I unfortunately ultimately couldn’t make. Go check out Jamie & Will’s pages to see the snaps from this! They were joined by the awesome Liz Wan and Tim Dunk for this one too.


EPISODE VI: Derwent Reservoir, Aug ’16

The time we hiked around Derwent Reservoir and found a lizard and I did my best Julie Andrews impression. Sunshine and a random dust storm and photos in a beautiful bracken wood may also have featured…

Derwent Reservoir (3)Derwent Reservoir (4)2016-08-04_0014Derwent Reservoir (10)Derwent Reservoir (18)2016-08-04_0015Derwent Reservoir (14)2016-08-04_0017Derwent Reservoir (6)Derwent Reservoir (24)2016-08-04_0018Derwent Reservoir (29)Derwent Reservoir (28)

I think we can establish that Louise of Fox Tail Photography is, indeed, a total fox. (Thank you for letting me take a few snaps, lovely lady!)

Photographers: Will FullerLouise Pawson (Fox Tail Photography), Katie & James FaircloughTim Dunk


And there we are, officially up to date with adventures! It’s been so lovely seeing how our little Peaks community has grown as we’ve gone along, so thank you so much to everyone who’s joined us over the last few months. Make sure you check out all of the photographer links above, they’ll make your eyes / heart happy.

Love to the lot of you,

E x


P.S. If you’re a photographer and you fancy getting to know an incredible group of people (not that I’m biased at all) then do check out Snap Photography Festival – tickets are officially on sale right now!


From gardens to mountains: the Glasgow adventures.

So, around this time last year I popped up North to visit my lovely pal Louise Bichan, AKA my Scottish twin / sister from another mister / one of my absolute favourite humans ever. Seeing as she’s currently on the train down this way for our next set of adventures and I’m IMPOSSIBLY EXCITED, I figured I’d finally get my butt into gear and blog up what on earth we got up to the last time. Nostalgia trip, here we go!

There were two main photo adventures last time I headed up to Glasgow, the first of which involved Lou and I dolling up to the nines and bewildering many a hiker as we trekked out into the Kilpatrick hills in posh frocks and walking boots. I can’t actually find the right words to describe how beautiful it was to be up there in the fresh air and sunlight, watching the colours change as the sun set behind the distant mountains, so I’m just going to go right ahead and show you instead:


TOTAL BABE, right?! Incidentally, if you like beautiful instrumental music avec samples and synths, go check out her incredible new album, called “Out Of My Own Light“.


^^^ Phone snaps by Louise!



Smiley happy “thank goodness we made it off the hill before it got dark” faces.

Should you be interested in exploring the above location for yourself, just make sure you’re sensibly attired and take some water / snacks etc! It’s a lovely walk to get there (the rock formation itself is called “The Whangie”) but do be prepared. It’s worth the hike just to take in all of the incredible colours and textures, and the view out towards Loch Lomond and the Highlands is nothing shy of awesome. Highly recommended.

The next day we opted for a slightly shorter walk, pottering around in the luminously colourful Glasgow Botanic Gardens. The rhododendrons were out in force and the heat was nothing shy of intense. Ice lollies were consumed and the grass was lazed upon, buuut not before we’d taken a few squillion snaps between us…


^^^ How much does this abandoned subway station from above look like something straight out of a Studio Ghibli film?! So very Spirited Away, right…? (If you’re not familiar with this wonderful animation studio, some of their finest pieces are being played in selected cinemas again this year! Check it out.)




Yep, that was a lovely day. If you fancy seeing some of Louise’s snaps of me, go check out her website and Facebook page!

Right, I better get packing for our next adventure. If you fancy a few sneak peeks of our travels around France before the official photos come out (or you’d just like to see more of our work in general), come and say hello on social media! Handy links right here:

Instagram: @elly_lucas / @lbichan

Facebook: Elly Lucas Photography / E.L – Hitched / Louise Bichan

Twitter: @ellylucas / @louisebichan

Until next time,

E x



The 2015 round-up: Adventures

2015 has certainly been an interesting one. It started off freezing and ended strangely toasty, I moved back to my hometown for far longer than I expected to, travelled to lots of exciting new places and met lots of incredible new people. It’s been difficult, but it’s also been amazing, and it all looked a little bit like this:



Yep, 2015 started off much colder. I’ve always adored frost patterns, but frost and ice through a macro lens really is a whole different world. I actually did a little blog featuring lots more of these photos, if you fancy browsing further!

There was A LOT of snow up north. I dug my way back into my house a few squillion times and thanked goodness for the spare pair of wellies in the boot of my car. Also, it turns out I have back muscles now. Who knew?!


I went exploring around beautiful Formby with Hannah James and Aubrey, the world’s leading expert in photobombing. Full blog right here!


I waved goodbye to Sheffield (and Hudson the Super Dog) and moved back to Derbados. I also came to the conclusion that I may have magic powers when it comes to packing huge numbers of things into a room, but that the awesome Tetris spell breaks the moment I have to fit it into a smaller space. Like my car. Oh dear…


As Winter drew to a close, my birthday happened and Dan took me to Twycross Zoo, where we established that I would probably quite happily live in a butterfly house if I could. Not even kidding.



Spring started with a trip up to North Wales with my Dad to visit my lovely Aunt and Uncle. There was a lot of rain, a bit of sunshine and a metric tonne of photos. You can check out the full blog here, but here’s a few of my favourites for starters:

Wales - March (2)Wales - March (4)

Wales - March (11)Wales - March (14)Wales - March (18)Wales - March (20)Wales - March (21)Wales - March (12)Wales - March (13)11043114_10205334992550247_256344723981564858_o11046309_10205334995350317_3009413427064750934_o

I got back from Wales and apparently there was a little eclipse or something? I may have taken some photos of its reflection in the garden pond (I only had an 85mm lens handy at the time and fancied trying to see it a bit differently) and things may have got a bit out of hand.


Like, featured on BBC Earth and USA Today out of hand. Whaaaat?!


Oh, and then there was that interview on BBC Radio Derby about it all that happened while I was sat on a hill in a tent helping to run a checkpoint for the Four Inns Walk. Again, whaaaat?!


And then it rained. Oh how it rained.


Minion biscuits were a (wonderful) thing.


And then I went to The Photography Show with my favourite Camera Hannah and Cat Lane and nearly keeled over with happiness when I got accepted as a “Trade Visitor”. Ohhh yesss! I’d love to say I had my best professional face on, but that’s probably not the case.


Shortly after falling in love with Sigma’s new 50mm f/1.4 Art lens at the Photography Show, Dan and I popped over to Hamburg for a cheeky few days holiday before we photographed the wedding of a very dear friend. There was sunshine and Miniatur Wunderland and a hotel room on the 12th floor and we may have discovered Hendricks Gin, much to the dismay of our wallets. Oh, and we somehow managed to find a fish and chip shop that was owned by a man originally from Cromer (of course), and I vowed I needed to improve my (spectacularly rusty) German language skills after we ate wurst and chips for the 4th time in a row.


Sometime later, the sun deigned to show its face in the UK again and I officially cracked out the brogues and granny skirt combo. Hello, Springtime! Incidentally, should you fancy following me on Instagram, my username is @elly_lucas.


We found some animatronic dinosaurs. And some meerkats. Dan was a little bit giddy about it.


We even managed to cram in a mini holiday to Whitby! Fish and chips, ice-cream on the beach, many games of arrow-words and an evening spent watching the swallows dart around catching flies. Perfect.



Summer began with a trip up to Glasgow to see one of my absolute favourite people, AKA Louise Bichan, musician and photographer and all round lovely person. This time not only featured a sunny little meander around the Glasgow Botanical Gardens, but also dolling up to the nines and donning walking boots to trek out to an incredible location called “The Whangie”. It was so peaceful out there and the light so perfect that we pretty much stayed until it was dark, just enjoying the scenery and the quiet. This adventure really does need its own blog sometime soon (I took approximately three squillion photos and Lou looked AMAZING), but for now here’s a little taster:



My Dad started keeping bees! These little guys have been buzzing busily around the garden, filling the air with a beautiful humming sound. It’s been fascinating watching them through a telephoto lens, all the different jobs they have and the different pollen types they return with.


There was a little camping trip to Suffolk. It was all very twee and lovely and I fell in love with the colourful lines of beach huts. And the sloe gin we discovered there. Phwoargh.

Camping with The Naylors-18Camping with The Naylors-46Camping with The Naylors-33Camping with The Naylors-54Camping with The Naylors-53Camping with The Naylors-73Camping with The Naylors-74

And then, as summer drew to an end, we popped over to my favourite festival in the universe: Shrewsbury Folk Festival. Festival trousers were worn, songs sung and nerdy Instax double exposures taken. Marvellous.




Autumn was a month of adventuring. Walks around Derbyshire were a thing, over moorlands and through falling leaves:

Longshaw Estate 2015 (8)

Longshaw Estate 2015 (7)

Longshaw Estate 2015 (3)

Longshaw Estate 2015 (10)

I fell in love with my macro lens all over again:

Autumn 2015 vII (8)Autumn 2015 ptIII (3)Autumn 2015 vII (2)Autumn 2015 vII (11)Autumn 2015 ptIII (10)Autumn 2015 vII (9)Autumn 2015 vII (5)

And then my sister and I decided a trip up to beautiful Anglesey was called for. It would’ve been wrong not to call into Bodnant Garden again on the way…

And then there was the Menai Straight, which looked so magical under the overcast light that we had to stop the car and just stare at it for a while.

Wales (40)Wales (38)Wales (49)Wales (44)Wales (54)Wales (55)

Plas Newydd and Pili Palas (hurray for butterfly houses!) were rather beautiful too.

11250078_10207085484751458_7147902536581866098_o12240815_10207085486311497_4047611295712959060_oWales (31)Wales (25)

And then there was the trip up to the Lake District with the wonderful SNAP Photography Festival crowd. I’d not met any of them before I joined them for a few days in Derwent Water Independent Hostel (which, by the way, is an awesome place to stay) but I can honestly say it was the most comfortable I’ve ever felt around a bunch of totally new people and I had a silly amount of fun. Thanks, loves! Many games of sardines happened (again, props to the Youth Hostel for being a spectacular venue for such antics), much crumble / gin was consumed and a few squillion photos were taken. Marvellous stuff.

SNAP reunion (2)SNAP reunion (4)SNAP reunion (26)SNAP reunion (1)

Should you fancy it, you can see a few more of my snaps alongside those of the other incredible photographers at the SNAP Reunion right here:

SNAP Reunion 2015 from Laura Babb on Vimeo.


The exploring theme continued as Winter came around again. Becky Ryan, Will Fuller, Louise Miller and I invaded the Peak District for the day:

Longshaw (11)Longshaw (10)Longshaw (5)Longshaw (3)Longshaw (22)Longshaw (13)


Dan and I popped up to York for some (rainy) Christmas market festive funsies. Pie and peas, mulled cider with spiced rum and more fudge stalls than you could shake a stick at.

And then it was Christmas! Where on earth did the year go?! I made lots of things, including a teddy bear called George, and had the best time catching up with family, obligatory Boxing Day hike and all. I do hope you all had a suitably lovely time too.


And now it’s 2016! I can’t wait to see what adventures the next twelve months will bring.

Have a wonderful year,

E x


P.S. This year I’m attempting to write one or two blogs per week, so if you have any suggestions of things you’d be particularly interested in reading about (tutorials / behind the scenes / before and afters / other?) I’d love to hear from you!

Ella and the Blossom Tree

I consider myself extremely privileged to know lots of wonderful, creative (really rather photogenic) people. Y’know, the kind of people who can inspire you just by nattering over tea and cake in the garden, and then post things that just melt your brain? Them. The rather gorgeous Ella Ruth is very definitely one of these people.

I fell in love with Ella’s instantly recognisable ethereal portraits a few years back, and have been ridiculously lucky to have photographed (and been photographed by) her on several occasions since. Normally when we’ve met up for one of our little photo adventures we’ve ended up battling horizontal blizzards, galeforce winds, driving rain and temperatures perilously close to the minus range – usually in summer dresses – so imagine our surprise when our last meet up featured not only sunshine, but enough warmth to actually sit comfortably in our chosen shoot attire. I’ll not lie, the phrase “WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?!” came up several times, along with an overwhelming urge to check the horizon every few seconds, expecting it to start bucketing it down at any given moment. Raining cats and dogs / frogs seems like an entirely plausible scenario at a standard Elly and Ella shoot. I’m genuinely surprised that we don’t look too perplexed by our good fortune in the final photos.

Anyhow, our luck stayed! For the whole day! It all looked a bit like this:

1 3 5 7 8 10 11 14 13 15 16 17

Yep, it was pretty lush. Here’s Ella expressing just how ecstatic we were with the weather:


And here’s the obligatory photo day Instagram snap:


And here’s a lovely BTS snap Ella got of me swanning around taking photos in a fancy frock:


Chuffing marvellous stuff. Incidentally, if you fancy seeing Ella’s photos of me, go check out her beautiful Facebook page!

Until next time,

E x

North Wales and the garden of dreams.


I’ve always loved popping up to North Wales to visit my Aunt and Uncle, so a weekend trip up the road with my Dad to help break up a huge pile of editing was more welcome than ever! As much as I adore my job, it’s so good to get away from the computer monitor every now and again. Y’know, so my pupils reset to a more circular / less pixelated shape and things.

I love the colours and textures up there, being surrounded by hills and those beautiful windswept wilds. Any excuse to visit the seaside is all good by me too, even if it is with the addition of fleece-lined wellies and full waterproofs. I nearly got blown away on multiple occasions and my hair looked like the dubious result of a dalliance between Einstein and a lion by the end of our day on the coast, but my goodness it was worth it. Just look at this place!

2 10 12 13 14 19 23 25 26 28 30

Now, as if this trip to the rocky coast (apparently there aren’t enough rockpools to look in on sandy beaches) wasn’t beauteous enough, the next day we drove out to what is possibly one of my favourite places in the world to visit. We’d been frequenting Bodnant Garden ever since I was a kid, and even then it felt a bit like stepping into a fantasy land, but going back and seeing everything through a lens was a tiny bit mind-blowing. I spent so much time gawping at the scenery that I’m genuinely amazed that I didn’t inhale any flies. If I continue to describe how wonderful it was to see so much colour and so many new blooms after the dark grey Winter, even through the gentle haze of rain, I’ll probably fall into my usual trick of using my “lovely” quota for the whole month in one go – so here’s where I shush and just show you the snaps:

31 59 58 40 54 39 56 55 53 52 51 49 47 46 43 42 35 33

60 61 62 65 66 69 70 71

There. Feeling like you’ve had a healthy dose of Springtime now? I do hope so.

Should you decide to go and visit Bodnant (which I highly recommend), apparently these days you should keep an eye out for otters! Pretty exciting, right? Having said that, when I was little the ponds used to be absolutely teeming with fish – but this time the ponds were totally still but for the pitterpatter of rain on their surfaces. The otters must have thought Christmas had well and truly come early when they discovered this place. Whew. Alongside the otters, Bodnant is home to a whole host of other wildlife, so take your time and look closely when you’re meandering around its various pathways – you never know what you might see.

Until next time,

E x

P.S. On Instagram? Come and say hi! @elly_lucas

A Snapshot Of 2014: Music and Portraits and Things

Here we finally are, the last of my 2014 round-up blogs! Last year was pretty awesome. As well as somehow being allowed to plaster my photos all over Cecil Sharp House as part of my “Folktography” exhibition earlier this year, I got to photograph some absolutely incredible people in 2014. I almost definitely confused the local valley folk on more than one occasion, popped over to Belgium, lace-bombed a wood, hung squillions of playing cards from my ceiling, wore a tutu on my head for the sake of art and probably became incomprehensibly excited at the prospect of being allowed to take portrait photos at a beautiful stately home. I may have had more than a bit of mare attempting to decide which images to feature in this little selection. In fact, some of them may even get their own dedicated blogs later in the year so I feel marginally less torn about the whole kaboodle.

As well as doing lots of promotional work for creative people, I got to play around with some documentary and event photography for projects such as The Elizabethan Session, Made In The Great War, Folk By The Oak and The Battle Proms – all of which were far too brilliant (and extensive) to condense into this post and very definitely need their own blogs at some point. (In the meantime, if you like the sound of outdoor classical concerts avec cavalry, live cannon fire and spectacular fireworks, you can see a selection of my snaps from the Battle Proms right here!)

Now, without further ado, here’s what it all looked like. If you’d like to know more about each artist pictured, just click on the image to go to their website!

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Check out the full shoot with Cat Lane right here:

Image by Elly Lucas ( Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Sam Sweeney by Elly Lucas

Image by Elly Lucas (

Image by Elly Lucas (

Fancy seeing more from this shoot? Check out the blog!

Image by Elly Lucas (


Alongside taking pictures, I also did a bit of album design work. Here are just a few of the lovely releases I had a hand in putting together this year:

Image by Elly Lucas (

Needle-felting, stitching and various other for Haddo. This album even features some knitted textures by Mama Lucas!

Photography, artwork and album design for Maz O’Connor.

The Askew Sisters by Elly Lucas

The Willows by Elly Lucas

Photography, artwork and album design for The Willows.

Image by Elly Lucas (

Photography, artwork and album design for The Young’uns.

And that about rounds it up for 2014! Thanks to you all for your support over the last year, and to all of my lovely clients. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!

All the very best to the lot of you,

E xxx


Fancy something a little different for Christmas this year…?

Whether you’re buying for your other half, or for friends or family, this is a gift that will last. It’s something they can make their own, that they can personalise and treasure. As if that wasn’t enough, 20% of the proceeds from every voucher sold will be donated to Mind, a brilliant charity raising awareness of and helping people who struggle with mental health issues. 

A couple photoshoot is possibly one of the loveliest things out there. It’s not only an excuse to book in a nice day out with your other half and come away with some A+ profile snaps, it’s a time to take a deep breath and reconnect. The world may be going completely bonkers but here, in the little bubble we’ll create together, is still something beautiful. Whether you’re fans of the great outdoors or of the more urban persuasion, we’ll find somewhere which works for you and makes you feel comfortable – whether that’s cosy and intimate or wild and adventurous, urban or rural, it’s up to you. Here’s how this thing works:

Step 1:

This festive extravaganza starts with a rather neat voucher avec snow and bokeh Christmas trees and it’s all very pretty. You’ll receive this through the post with its own envelope, so you can present it with a flourish on Christmas day to whomever you fancy! Rather handily, the voucher text is suitably ambiguous enough so you can buy for your other half or for friends / family and write your own little note to accompany it. Magic.

From here on in, I’m going to put you in the shoes of whoever this is being bought for. Ok? Here we go:

Step 2:

Claim your photoshoot! These vouchers are numbered and will be valid for two years from Christmas Day (25/12/16 – 25/12/18), so you’ve got plenty of time to find the perfect time and place. All of the details you need are on the reverse of the voucher.

Step 3:

Come and lark around on camera and have a lovely time! These photoshoots are all very relaxed and even cater for the terminally camera shy. I promise not to make you do any painfully awkward poses and to make it as fun and easy going as you need.

Step 4:

Receive a rather lovely parcel through the post, complete with ribbons and ten prints from your photoshoot. Ta da!

3-s 4-s 5-s

On top of that, you’ll also receive a download link with all of the hi-res edits from your photoshoot plus a non-commercial print license, so you can print them however you fancy! Vouchers are available to purchase from my online shop as of now:


If you’d like to see a few examples of previous couple sessions, keep scrolling! Alternatively head on over to my website for a broader selection.

Dogs actively encouraged!


Anything else you need to know? Just give me a shout!

Until next time,

E x